Alexis Roussel talks about 'Digital Integrity' on Keiser Report

2021.09.23 11:37 olPupper Alexis Roussel talks about 'Digital Integrity' on Keiser Report
I found this take quite interesting. He works on a project called 'Nym Mixnet' , relatable to TOR.
What do you think about this? Anyone got experience with it?
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2021.09.23 11:37 TheLyricss Jo Yuri - 가을 상자 Lyrics (With Lee Seok Hoon)

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2021.09.23 11:37 BlZZlE LFG problems.

Been playing warmane for a few years now. Mostly on horde, decided to switch to alliance to change it up a little but I’m noticing that the LFG is dry in most brackets, even sometimes waiting 1hour just for one dps. Anyone else getting these long ass?
Anyone 60+ wanna group up and power grind some dungeons ?
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2021.09.23 11:37 Steerpike_Jennkings Can Chickens Have Nightmares?

It's currently 2am here and I was awoken by the absolutely horrific screams of one of my chickens. Like, absolute bloody murder. Their coop isn't right by my window either, so it had to be loud enough for me to wake me up from across the backyard.
I jumped out of bed, much to the excitement of my dog, and ran through the house screaming: "Somethings killing the chickens!" to wake up my parents (hoping one would follow me out with their bb gun in case I had to square off with a skunk or raccoon). It wouldn't be the first time I've lost poultry to a predator in search of a late-night snack.
Got outside and had to run through mud and sprinklers in my nice house slippers (rip), open the coop door, and bang on the roof to chase either the birds or whatever was inside out. The chicken in question is still screaming. I shine my flashlight inside the coop to see she's pressed fully into the corner of the coop, another chicken standing a little ways behind her. The third chicken is still on the roost, seemingly unbothered. At first, I thought the screaming one was getting bullied (though out of the three, the one who was on the roost is usually the one bullied) so I went back across the yard to get a broom (informing my mom she could go back to bed as it was a false alarm) then back to the coop to shoo the other bird away. Both chickens at that point were out clucking around and upset I had left the door open and they were getting wet from the sprinklers. Upon inspection, there were no feathers plucked. No blood. No signs of bird on bird aggression at all.
The screaming chicken in question has survived multiple traumatic events. First, our two dogs broke into the side yard and ganged up on her to rip out the majority of her back feathers (they have never done this to any other poultry we own, just her for some reason). She then had an infection from that incident that needed us to handle her and put disinfectant on regularly. Her tail never healed properly and has left her with an unbalanced gait. She also fell into our duck pond one time when we weren't home and was left barely able to keep her head above water for an unknown amount of time. Likely hours as she was super weak when I found her. None of my other birds have ever had so many bad things happen to them, let alone live through them. She's also the dumbest chicken we have, unsurprisingly.
Is it possible tonight's incident was caused by some chicken PTSD nightmares? Are chickens even that smart? I triple-checked the coop to ensure there was nothing inside, and I really don't think she was being bullied that late at night. Especially in the only spot of the coop where the two hens would be hit by the sprinklers. Anyone else experience anything similar?
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2021.09.23 11:37 sabaahme باد بوي

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2021.09.23 11:37 DrGrubbington Saw this on r/AbsoluteUnits and instantly got traumatic flashbacks to Rain World

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2021.09.23 11:37 normalll3 Barber transforms his customer from looking 77 to 27

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2021.09.23 11:37 mycketforvirrad East London Advertiser: Tower Hamlets mayor asks for Whitechapel station signs to be bilingual.

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2021.09.23 11:37 Gregbyd WARNING! The best Latin playlist on Earth!

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2021.09.23 11:37 Niko_Dangos Golden Spin Outs 4

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2021.09.23 11:37 traderadrianer Proof of Presence Requirement of Baby in the U.S

Hi Folks,
Just a quick question - Can a person who is over 18 years old apply for U.S citizenship through birth abroad to their U.S citizen parent?
Thanks for your help!
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2021.09.23 11:37 BabySt3ps88 Day 6 - I think I am out of the woods for now, thanks to you!

Hi All,
I stopped drinking last week Friday and I am so incredibly grateful for the help and support I found through this community!
A lot of you have reached out privately, offering their support and their stories, which has been so helpful.
The cravings were minimal but the withdrawal headaches were literally doing my head in. They are mostly gone and I am beyond thrilled and excited to continue this journey.
Thank you!
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2021.09.23 11:37 HeroicBastard Next Partnership-announcement is tommorow. Give me your guesses

Hey there.
As you can see in this thread on twitter, we can expect another partnership-announcement on friday/tommorow.
The partnership-team seems quite exited.
Give me your guesses as to what you hope to see and/or expect to see.
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2021.09.23 11:37 NewsElfForEnterprise Traveling on Route 1 near Milton? Expect delays due to work on Broadkill River bridges

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2021.09.23 11:37 arachnesafsdfsd LittleLink — Unruggable Contract |⚔️Featuring an exciting Game combined with Dynamic NFT’s using AI technology integrated with Chainlink VRF Protocol

LittleLink is a deflationary Binance Smart Chain token that rewards holders with Chainlink (BEP20). Featuring auto rewards, the buyback function, and auto LP, LCL allows holders to be rewarded in a more stable asset and incentivizes holding in times of high volume activity.

Unlike most rewards tokens, it does a single sell for rewards instead of multiple, and has a toneless dividend tracker. The contract is also virtually unruggable. All ownership rights are limited to prevent any type of owner abuse, and there are range limits implemented.

Quick Tokenomics Breakdown:
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion)
5% Auto ChainLink Rewards (Distributed Every hour)
4% Buyback
4% Auto LP
3% Marketing

Total of 16% Tax on Buys and Sells

0.5% Max Sell
1% Max Wallet


⚔️ Introducing our Use Game: Lost Links⚔️

LittleLink has also just presented a sneak preview of their game "Lost Link," which is the first of its kind in the BSC space! Using dynamic NFT’s combined with AI technology as in game assets….this is set to be HUGE!

Escape from a 3D Maze generated through trust-less, randomized variability via Chainlink’s technology (VRF Oracle). Every Link NFT avatar is AI generated based on sentiment analysis of the purchaser. Each begins in chains as they get ready to embark on their journey to discover the lost link.

More surprise details to come during the course of the week!

Ongoing Marketing Plan:
• Continued Reddit posts daily (and trending)
• Continued relationships with influencers posting whilst obtaining more known influencers
• Strong push of LittleLinks networking connections
• Adverts on exchanges such as Coinhunt/ Coinsniper etc (DAILY)
• Adverts on websites related and non-related to crypto to drive attention
• Ads to tap into the Chinese Crypto Community
• Continued Twitter Engagement Posts/Shilling Contests
• Using the Chainlink Community to drive members to LittleLink (upcoming)
• Listing on known exchanges whilst getting promoted by the exchange
• Use of affiliate marketing and SEO strategies to push LittleLink to the top of the leader boards
• TikTok - viral challenges
• Creation of our own discord channel + Promotion in discords for crypto and stock trading
• Email blasts
• Collabs with known telegram pages
• AMA’s with known strong investor communities
• Consistent Medium Articles with Updates on the Project

A Bit About Us and the Community:
LCL is here to build a strong community fueled with Chainlink rewards so that we can all enjoy investing in BSC projects and Altcoins. We are a dedicated team of individuals that want nothing more than to see this promising project rise to the top. Feel free to ask us anything; we are fully transparent and more than happy to address your questions!

Website :




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2021.09.23 11:37 AprilTowers Anthony Cirelli

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2021.09.23 11:37 NewsElfForEnterprise What is the Mercedes-Benz EQB?

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2021.09.23 11:37 Ivaylo_87 Anyone else noticing slight stuttering on PS5?

It's no big deal, just wanna make sure it's normal and not exclusive to me
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2021.09.23 11:37 moomooboi420 Almost made it to a full year

Just relapsed. I don't really regret it, i was frustrated, thought about it for 5 minutes and then did it. Gonna start the counter again though, just posting this for people who relapsed today, stuff happens, move on but do not forget the post nut clarity. Have a nice day :)
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2021.09.23 11:36 Ivyfrostym Songs with similar raps to Dia's Will You Go Out With Me?

Oddly specific but still. The raps sound amazing so I would like to know songs with similar sounding rap parts.
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2021.09.23 11:36 enigma_goth When your ex updated their profile picture with someone new…

It was just a matter of when. He told me five months ago that he wasn’t ready for a relationship with anyone. All along it was really because he was not wanting a relationship with me… I broke down and cried when I stalked his Facebook profile (we are not friends there anymore). I thought he was the love of my life and was waiting for him to change his mind and gave him space. I just want to die now of a broken heart. :**|
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2021.09.23 11:36 Weakness-Business What should i price my GPUS at?

hey there i recently just bought a NVIDIA RTX A6000 and looking to make some money back and i have the idea of selling my older gpus since i cant find a use for them anymore the prices i was thinking were:
1) Titan V - £1,350
2) Titan Xp - £450
3) 980Ti - £150

do you think these sound reasonable since im not really trying to milk more money than needed since ive just spent £4300 on this new GPU and to even make £1500 back or so would be nice
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2021.09.23 11:36 damspel AITB for being an obnoxious jerk in the comments?

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2021.09.23 11:36 anonymwinter Would 50k bookmarks slow down the browser and/or pc?

Asking for a friend.
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2021.09.23 11:36 Separate_Abrocoma637 Manifests serenity and eliminates troubles to restore soul. Do not forget to subscribe, like and comment for helping us

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