Anyonr else have these weird gray blocks around their buildings?

2021.09.23 10:42 Casey---- Anyonr else have these weird gray blocks around their buildings?

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2021.09.23 10:42 Tapires Waroc strange new leaf. Do you know what’s happening? TYVM

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2021.09.23 10:42 irasponsibly Lord of the 💯

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2021.09.23 10:42 RoseSantamonica My onlyfans is free right now💜

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2021.09.23 10:42 scons11 Duck cake and Great Australian Bake Off

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2021.09.23 10:42 SlicedSides Some photos I took in my neighborhood that looked Liminal to me

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2021.09.23 10:42 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 10:42 demogorgon_main I think security breach won’t be as complicated as we think. It’s more of a reboot and I bet it won’t be too complicated for new players who haven’t heard of it.

I think that william is still the main villain and vanny is just a pawn in his grand game, we might get reminded of events we know of trough notes, dialogue or flashbacks or whatever. Because the dead kids of the past are obviously known, basically a legend at this point as the killer was never caught, we know that because william’s body was seemingly either never found or covered up for at least 30 years. So I think the game will explain the events we already know, William returns as a plot twist, vanny either gets thrown aside or killed as she’s useless at that point, set up the next game. Fin. Fnaf Sb Will definitely bring in new players due to its big debut on the PlayStation stream thing so I doubt they expect people to know every detail.
My point? I doubt it’s nearly as complicated as it was before
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2021.09.23 10:42 PipeFlash E87 multimedia

So i have the 387 118d 2011, and since i bought it i had problems with displaying song names on the multimedia when using bluetooth.
That was happening while i was using Samsung Galaxy A71. I was surprised when i went back to usin my old phone(Huawei P20 Pro) that it was displaying everything corectly.
Well now i bought a new phone and there it is again, everything is gone. Does anyone know why is that happening?
Thanks in advance!!
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2021.09.23 10:42 kinginvestigater Şuraya daha fazla Video atın amq EN İYİ VİDEOLAR BURADA

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2021.09.23 10:42 data_nck Autofill a matrix with concatenated strings

Hi there! I need to create a table of values that auto-populates based on two, variable, transposed values. So far, I've only been able to do this by using the drag fill horizontal then double click down. I thought I could do it with an indirect() formula but that only lets me append the first calculated value (the relative formula doesn't carry over...)
Any thoughts?
Existing formulas:
Desired solution:
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2021.09.23 10:42 truffLcuffL69 Why do the graphics still suck on console (Xbox series s)?

The textures are all blurry most noticeably on the level 2 helmet. The game runs amazing on series s but graphics wise looks not much different then day 1 on console. On pc the game has looked amazing for years. Why can’t they make it look good?
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2021.09.23 10:42 VikingReacts I photoshopped him a bit to reveal a bit of Mat

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2021.09.23 10:42 oxford193 Whenever I try to join my friends world it always ends up timing out

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2021.09.23 10:42 SAtechnewsbot France’s Canal+ buys an even bigger stake in MultiChoice

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2021.09.23 10:42 nuclearnebula blessed_geologist

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2021.09.23 10:42 xH0U53x Who ya gonna call

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2021.09.23 10:42 SAtechnewsbot Facebook has known for a year and a half that Instagram is bad for teens despite claiming otherwise

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2021.09.23 10:42 2Botter2Loop Taking the critter for a walk

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2021.09.23 10:42 vegetaistall9000 Identity after leaving Islam?

After leaving Islam and becoming an atheist I have been struggling with my identity. Is there some sort of secular Punjabi community where we can keep the good aspects of our culture without religion like the language food clothes etc.
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2021.09.23 10:42 Humidhotness68 China is a massive paper tiger that's struggling not to collapse, let alone invade taiwan

Declining birthrate Unable to produce much of their own tech, leaving them vulnerable to western sanctions Can't even grow most of their own food Massive water shortage The west can easily cut off their access to oil, gas, food and semiconductors COVID destroyed their reputation around the world, leading to numerous alliances designed solely to counter China COVID also killed tens of millions of chinamen and destroyed their economy Has next to no allies Population collapse Massive debt and housing bubble that's starting to pop Massively incompetent government Economic collapse soon Lack of natural resources Massive amount of pollution that left most of their land barren wastelands
China is done for and is currently the biggest paper tiger in existence, they may act big but they would collapse immediately in event of war and will collapse naturally anyway in a few decades even if everything worked out for them. If they ever invade Taiwan, a simple naval blockade will cut them off from food, oil and trade that will destroy the CCP within a week
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2021.09.23 10:42 tmjgm question about foreign national having an american degree

Hi all
I am just confused about which pool I will considered during the admission cycle.
I am an international student (foreign national) but I did my undergrad in America. So I do have a gpa. Apparently from what I read in one of the older posts here, an applicant is considered 'international' when they don't have a reportable gpa (=educated outside the US).
So in my case, would I be considered international or domestic?
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2021.09.23 10:42 rurdenimli Epic Water Filters Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Epic Water Filters Coupon Code Reddit
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.09.23 10:42 asking4aPal Torn and apprehensive about contact with nmom again because she is ill

Feeling torn atm. I 32 yrs old. Me and my mom have had a fraught relationship for at least half my life. The last straw for me was when I realised she is still holding a grudge against me for moving out when I was 15 year old and feels like I abandoned her and my siblings...she called me a shit daughter and 'cut me out her life' (her words) around 2 years ago when I called her out on how she doesn't know how to deal with me or my siblings (one of whom is a heroin addict) having any sort of negative emotions and her unwillingness to talk about how we feel is damaging to our relationship with her. As well as the fact that she keeps having toxic relationships with men who have abused her and me and my siblings in the past. She makes excuses for their behaviour and puts them and her needs before any of us.
Fast forward to a couple months ago, she had a psychotic episode and was admitted to the psych ward. I hadn't spoke to her in around 2 years with no communication from her either but she refused to be treated unless she seen me and my other sibling first ( 29yrs old who hadn't had a relationship with her in almost 3 years for similar reasons).
So we felt that we had to be there for her so she would engage with treatment and get better. I done it more for my younger siblings who are 13 and 14yrs old than for her benefit tbh.
She messages me and my 29 yo sister letting me know she has taken her medication in the morning and at night which I appreciate as it's good to know she is taking her medication. But she often adds things like 'night night, sweet dreams, love u'. Not only do I think it's inappropriate to say these things to your grown up child, I am finding it really difficult to navigate being in her life again because I still don't trust her.
My 29 yo sibling doesn't find it weird, our mom sends her the same messages and I think my sibling finds comfort in these messages from her and reciprocates. I think she is glad they are reconnecting.
I can't bring myself to reconnect and in fact it gives me alot of anxiety because I get the feeling she is trying to make nice without actually having to talk about why we still wouldn't be speaking if she hadn't went to hospital. I don't reciprocate the kind words because I don't feel she is genuine. Even if she was, I have got to the point with her that I don't feel like she deserves to get to be part of my life again just like that. And I am reluctant to let her in because I can't trust that she won't hurt me again. Even when I go to visit her simply to help with household chores that she can't manage by herself, I feel like I'm betraying myself.
Anyone else experienced similar with a physically or mentally ill parent who is narcissistic? How do you still manage to keep yourself protected and still keep your self respect while caring for and being in contact with someone who essentially emotionally and psychologically abused you...?
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2021.09.23 10:42 Samgege But what is a Fourier series? From heat flow to drawing with circles

Hi, I have a question when watching this video, when importing images from .SVG file, it basically composed of curves (CubicBezier) that defined by 4 points. How can I convert those curves to function of time f(t) that were used later in the integral to find Cn? Thanks for any help!
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