Hybrid transformation: The future of work

2021.09.23 10:01 SAtechnewsbot Hybrid transformation: The future of work

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2021.09.23 10:01 ihaphleas Tree of Liberty

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2021.09.23 10:01 AnwarPresents How to Become an Animator

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2021.09.23 10:01 FashProfash You Foolish Children May Call Me -> "Queen"

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2021.09.23 10:01 SAtechnewsbot Nigeria: Teniola - Cyber Security Awareness Will Address Online Fraud

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2021.09.23 10:01 WeakBoysenberry Volvo 850 not starting

When trying to start my '94 850 today the engine would crank and turn over but not ignite? This has happened before, but it always starts when you push the gas. Today it didn't react to the throttle what so ever. Checked the fuel pressure, it was ok. I assume this problem comes from starting the car, moving it a couple metres and shutting it off yesterday, but I have no idea how to rectify the problem.
Any suggestions are appreciated, also please explain stuff to me like a child cause I don't really know anything about engines. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.23 10:01 OngoFrank 1st attempt at a custom Honda N600

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2021.09.23 10:01 autotldr US judge orders Facebook to release anti-Rohingya account records

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A judge in the United States has ordered Facebook to release records of now-closed accounts connected to anti-Rohingya violence in Myanmar, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The judge in Washington, DC, criticised Facebook for failing to hand over information to investigators seeking to prosecute the country for international crimes against the Muslim minority Rohingya, the newspaper said.
The Gambia is seeking the records as part of a case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, accusing Myanmar of violating the 1948 United Nations Convention on Genocide.
Myanmar authorities say they were battling an armed uprising and deny carrying out systematic atrocities.
More than 730,000 predominantly Muslim Rohingya fled Myanmar's western Rakhine state in August 2017 after a military crackdown that refugees said included mass killings and rape.
Facebook has come under fire in Myanmar over the past 10 years - during which the Rohingya have been subjected to successive waves of violence - for the volume of hate speech directed against the community.
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2021.09.23 10:01 boysmakemeweak Have you tried text recruitment?

Who could have thought that texting could help you find your next recruit? But, I’ve learned that candidates actually prefer it over emails. I’ve learned a lot about text recruitment, and it is an excellent source for anybody interested to learn more, not to add fun!
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2021.09.23 10:01 IssyFishyy What movie theme song gives you the chills?

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2021.09.23 10:01 OnTheSurface17 Feeling like I've outgrown my car

burner account. I know it's kind of a first-world problem but hear me out and help me make sense of what I'm feeling.
I suddenly have the urge to replace my present car, a car I bought brand-new, have taken such good care of and have enjoyed using for the past 10-years. It's a very good car and has never gotten me stranded, it doesn't cost much to maintain and has been the most reliable car in our family's fleet. It is my daily. It would be my rifle, if I was a soldier.
But like I said, even though I love the car so much and it is super practical, I cant shake the feeling that I want to get out of it every time I drive it this past week. Like I suddenly don't belong in that car anymore.
I'm not exactly flush with cash but this feeling has got me browsing newer 2nd hand cars and has me dipping into my savings. PLUS my wife and I just found out that we're going to have a baby soon (after trying for 2 years!!!). My present car is a small hatch-back (Focus hatch) and will definitely have a hard time fitting a family in it.
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2021.09.23 10:01 Independent-Movie910 Boyfriends mom is rude and inconsiderate. How do we escape his controlling family?

We've been together and have lived together 3 years. His parents have money and can easily help us get into our own apartment and move on with our lives. We've been stuck here 2 years and when we have some privacy our relationship is alot better. They're honestly rude and inconsiderate and in return so is my boyfriend at times. His attitude has improved alot especially in the past year or so. His mom says mean things to him sometimes and generally seems cold and unaffectionate. He's also really skinny and it almost seems like they dont make an effort to get him to be healthy or care about his life in general, and more so use him as a scapegoat of the family. He had a serious addiction problem for a couple years and overdosed and went to rehab, I met him about 8 months to a year after this. He didn't tell me until I found his withdrawal medication which he is still on. I dont know how this affects him as I've never used hard drugs. He also has had dental problems for years that he's been ignoring out of fear he couldn't get pain management and finally had just recently gone because it started to hurt. Afterward she said to him "dont come out crying because it hurts when the moccasins wears off" and you could hear pain in his response. I'm naturally an empathetic and very intuitive person and have had physic visions and many deja vu moments. Our birthdays are also close so we have a really close relationship and regularly think what the others thinking and so on. Our relationship really is great but it is noticeably strained by his family. I believe his mom at least is jealous of our relationship because he is really sweet otherwise but it's because I treat him really well too. I do basically anything he needs me to because he works more than I do. I recently finally got a decent car and have been working more but it almost seems like they expect me to make enough to be able to get us a place, he spends on unnecessary things and they don't seem to tell advise him against it. He uses the excuse he works for it, which I respect and understand. He is 2 years older than me. I've had a really rough last few years myself which I wont go into but it's involved the loss of 3 important figures in my life and I don't have much parental support myself, but I do seem to have more emotional support. How do I get through to him that they're controlling and almost seems like they're trying to hold us back from moving on in our life together? My parents finances have also been affected the past few years due to my dad being taken advantage of by his wife basically my entire life but 5x more the past year. They still help me a lot. My boyfriend also seems frustrated with living here and doesn't seem to be frustrated with me in particular, but is almost persuaded into it at times by them, for almost no reason at all. I've always been kind and respectful and admittedly I am pretty shy and quiet, especially around people who's energy makes me uncomfortable because they are unpleasant. I grew up around a narcissist so I am pretty in tune to people with those characteristics. They're aren't so bad but I need advice to stop this controlling behavior from them. I work and do what I can but I'm also depressed from what's gone on in my life and nobody seems to take that into consideration at all. I even had to fully explain to my boyfriend how much it affected me because he could not grasp it, he hasn't had much loss in his life and can't understand. Yet they have and 5hey aren't understanding and neither is my family much. Basically I want to break this cycle and im having trouble doing it all on my own when they won't even guide him in the right direction. And again they absolutely have the means and ability to help us straight ourselves out with minimal financial help afterward from them. I feel as though if he had more guidance and support in that way we could move on and be able to save and work more and have some privacy to do our own things and just get back on track in general. Thats why it seems very controlling to me that they seem perfectly content with not offering him that support (which they've MORE than offered his older brother). He also seems to have an eating disorder that stems likely from them, and I am feeling the affects of it, he also has sleep problems I also feel the affect from because we have to share such a small space and don't have much privacy. Not to mention his mother watches TV right outside our bedroom all hours of the night almost every night. They dont seem to have a great relationship (any of them) and seem jealous because him and I have that. And I feel it would be even better if we had space to grow together. Why aren't they helping him achieve more when they are able to? How can I get through to him as well to give it a rest with the retail therapy and excessive video game use? These things also point me to believe that he has issues dealing with things and uses spending as a means to mask it. He also spends alot on vacations and they dont bat an eye. And yet when we spend too much on food or things that we need, it's looked at as a problem. Their entire family seems to have a bad relationship with food in some way or another and I've never been that way and it never ever occurred to me that people live that way. They act as though me eating well and generally surviving is wrong and that I spend too much on things like that, when I have a job and bring in almost half of what he does monthly. The only difference is he gets to spend with his own mentality of no repercussions. It also seems like his parents are controlling him financially because they seem unwilling to help as much when they aren't around or involved somehow. It all screams "therapy is needed" to me. I dont believe he would agree to that. And like I said I have my own problems and understand that but I'm struggling to show him what his real problems are, he deflects onto me and im understanding and I think he's smart enough to see it after alls said and done.. but he won't admit that to me and generally keeps his feelings in the dark as well. Besides all of this our relationship really is great, we get along well and are happy together, are super cuddly regularly. How do I deal with this without pulling my hair out in frustration?
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2021.09.23 10:01 Hatori0816 Woke up from a nap💤

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2021.09.23 10:01 george-ael Binance Referral code with a 10% discount fees

Referral Code: JR82CVMP
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2021.09.23 10:01 TURBOZWERG Hot Dog mit Kimchi

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2021.09.23 10:01 Rainbowlion15 Enter for a chance to win an iPad Air, $600.00 value. {US CA} 09/30/2021

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2021.09.23 10:01 pEppapiGistfuhrer Could battle belts be added?

My idea is to have a new slot for a battle belt which could only be used with armoarmored rigs that only cover the thorax. They would work as extra space for mags like a rig but with less space available ofc, maybe some belts would have space for three 30 round mags while some have space for six. Belts could be used along with any with any chest rigs too for a bit more space.
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2021.09.23 10:01 mental_discourse Why do English people call it Football?

If they play it with a soccer ball
~Norm MacDonald
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2021.09.23 10:01 paperstories Not most interesting meme

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2021.09.23 10:01 Trymech Are these stats good for a CRIT build?

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2021.09.23 10:01 Ilia_Bostoganashvili where can i buy this shirt please?

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2021.09.23 10:01 Both_Climate_2269 Kokomi didn't want to come, but my main is delighted with my company one more time

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2021.09.23 10:01 chicassguuurl Final abusive I hope

He spilled soda on my head, broke my new plant that I repotted tonight, told my boss that if I went to work he would call the police, putting my financial stability in a scary place, shattered my phone, stole my back up phone, and with each word I spoke he tossed a $100 bill in the toilet and flushed it.
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2021.09.23 10:01 Latter-Forever-4676 LOL

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2021.09.23 10:01 GERARD55555 Lynch just started trending on twitter as the new 007

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