2021.09.23 10:29 random_numb 547078.256394

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2021.09.23 10:29 CouponingLady_ GAP: Extra 50% Off Sale Styles

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2021.09.23 10:29 StingRay852 Celsius retrieving missing Matic coins

hi, i made same mistake previously (sending Matic to Celsius on Matic chain instead of ERC20) and contacted Celsius support and at the time (amount 1.5 month ago) they said they were not able to help but the team working on solving this common issue and will notify me if and once they have a solution
so i received email from them few days ago notifying me that they have now worked out a retrieval process for those missing Matic coins that went send to Celsius thro Matic chain instead of ERC20 !!
however they requested me upload following to a link : celsius.sendsafely.com/dropzone/app/xxx

  1. video of myself verablly requesting this transfer, stating current date and holding my id in hand
  2. photo of myself holding id and note with current date
  3. address of the external wallet to which coins should be send back to
i just wanna check if anybody who reported to their helpdesk received such emails and whether its legit ???
appreciate if i can get some feedbacks asap
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2021.09.23 10:29 Number_10_ What's the most offers you've ever seen for a player? Here's mine

What's the most offers you've ever seen for a player? Here's mine
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2021.09.23 10:29 Heyyouintheriver Soooo dizzy

Man this sub is like counterpunch crossed with the "moped wheel held against the merry go round."
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2021.09.23 10:29 whattuser Need some advice on the adjustment phase?

TLDR: the reality of the meat industry (not the act of becoming vegan) is wrecking me and I would really appreciate any advice on how to get though the first while until I become adjusted. I will admit that this post is attention seeking and if it's inappropriate I will take it down. I'm not trying to moralize or anything, I just really need to talk because I have no one in real life, and if anyone is listening, I appreciate you.
I just became vegan, no transition, 3 days ago after watching part of Earthlings. I haven't told anyone in real life and don't feel I need to or want to put myself through that right now on top of the adjustment. I am struggling with withdrawal physically - brain fog, digestive issues, etc. Up until these past few days I've eaten copious amounts of cheese, processed meats, and fast food. I'm not having cravings or desires to eat meat, even though I remember how much I enjoyed it before, I am repulsed and see how heavily I was dissociating and how disconnected I was. Even the chicken substitutes have a similar texture to meat and it reminds me of meat, not in a wistful way. All of my favourite comfort foods are tainted with the reality that I was fed carnage and taught to enjoy it, and then taunted and shamed into complicity like we all were. I am struggling to keep my appetite up because I genuinely feel traumatized and terrified of the inevitable first encounter of being perceived as a vegan. I can't talk to my therapist or my family about this because they genuinely will not understand and I'm afraid that they will treat me like I need to "recover." I've had talks with people in real life that support this fear and I feel it's rational. I need to set boundaries.
I am physically and emotionally overwhelmed and devastated. I'm not trying to get points or anything, I just haven't cried like this or been this depressed in a while. I feel I might have to stop with the videos and the podcasts for a bit but I need to consume more of this content. I need to keep this fresh in my mind so I can stay conscious. Another thing is that I am in this rabbit hole and I am feeling like I am just going to find out more and more things and will never be happy, but it's the truth and I was never really happy having to justify things that were wrong. I feel like I'm in a horrific alternate reality. I feel violated that my parents lied to me about so many things. And looking back on almost every notable interaction has involved talking about the consumption and domination of animals - meateaters never stop talking about it and justifying it and making jokes about it and being weird about anyone who disagrees, actively seeking them out to gaslight them. It's like we need to constantly reassure each other that we aren't committing unspeakable atrocities. We are in a fucking dystopia. I also had a psychotic episode a year ago, and the barrage of dairy ads on every platform is triggering my paranoia that the government is watching me and trying to brainwash me - which is literally true in a sense. This is another reason why I don't have an IRL support system, because I'm scared they'll see veganism as a symptom. Any advice from experienced or new vegans like myself is very much appreciated.
Also if you think this post makes vegans look bad I'll take it down.
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2021.09.23 10:29 Significant_Cost_300 Upvote for upvote

Please help a friend
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2021.09.23 10:29 At-Red-frame Geara doga heavy armed type, Match

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2021.09.23 10:29 Abcdguy $20 subwoofer not hitting the high(?) lows well. Is it an easy EQ fix?

I bought this ~$30 2.1 speaker for my desk.

  1. When I was setting up the sub, I did rotate it a bit and there was a bit of a rattle. Is that normal, or was it broken during shipping? Music sounds good with no rattle.
  2. Except, when the subwoofer tries to hit the high lows, it sounds really bad. Assuming this is how they're supposed to come (given the price), is there a good audio track useful for figuring out EQ settings?
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2021.09.23 10:29 ZoobBot 174935

This is the 174935th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.23 10:29 AffectionateAd2878 H: Radioactive Barrel plan W: TV Aquarium plan

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2021.09.23 10:29 CouponingLady_ IT Cosmetics 50% Off: Lipstick Trio $19!

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2021.09.23 10:29 Drscion this is the amx 50 surbaissé prototype. for me this tank looks very cool

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2021.09.23 10:29 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 10:29 CouponingLady_ The Big One Mattress Pad $15.29 + FREE Pickup

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2021.09.23 10:29 E611 Freezone visa processing time

Hi, Anyone had applied for freezone employment visa recently in Fujairah? How many days usually it takes to get the permit? I am inside country switching job from another Emirate. My company applied 2 days ago and still waiting. Never had the experience working for freezone before so clueless.
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2021.09.23 10:29 memetics_division Satisfying enough for me; the answer is BEES

I tried catching up to the thought but, damn it runs fast - I'm trying to describe an object in my mind, a language before it gets written but I also don't know how much of that is crazy and how much of what's smart I actually understand
Penrose says no, consciousness is not computation
Joshua Bach says, ha, it could be and here's why

I can't come up to a conclusion of who I think is right. I think of my consciousness as computation already, but I also [want] to believe there is more to it. Why am I offended at the word "computation?" it's almost elegant, to consider myself running an algorithm and offering the best answer for the data put in - honestly, usually, it feels a lot less thoughtful and meaningless than that.
A computation? So you say, I'm trying to solve something? And.. what if it is not, a computation - what else might it be? if it is NOT mathematical, not purely logical, than - am I to believe something fantastical, like the myths of deities, gods and demons I grew up on?
what is beyond logic? If I am not an equation, am I to be considered essence - purely representation? is a painting just a complicated math problem waiting to be solved? Can you take the beauty away from art with binary - or does that enhance it, make it possible to replicate and share it?
I am typing loudly and concerned about how thin these walls are, my grandmother is sleeping. I am a fool but they changed my name back. a little out-of-context, It made me feel good though.

Can you measure the soul with a compass and a map? Do you need a yardstick, a pen and paper, some neural implant - dissection? A stranger talks, Psychic surgery. Not all my thoughts are my own amalgamation - some of them I remember who I got them from.
Can you represent an ecosystem with numbers? Yes.
But that definition will never be full of trees and bees.
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2021.09.23 10:29 GuyonWoW Willing to upgrade my Ajax Hub

Hi, i'm a happy owner of the ajax alarm system (hub 1).
I'm willing to upgrade to the Hub plus or the Hub 2 plus.
The only small issue i have with my hub is that it loses the 2g connection every now and then. Since it's a backup connection and i never had any issue with my primary connection (fiber) it has never been a major issue.
Now with the latest firmware some of the new functions are not working on my hub so i'm thinking about an upgrade.
Hub plus have 2g and 3g connection
Hub 2 plus have 2g 3g and 4g.
Now, since i'm havong some hiccups with the 2g i don't really know if moving to a 2g 3g system will be any better, as i know 3g is going to be shut down before 2g.
Am i wrong?
I'm from italy.
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2021.09.23 10:29 CouponingLady_ TOMS Kids’ Shoes $18.99 (Reg $35)

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2021.09.23 10:29 shootinretards Where are the bonuses ffs

Seriously. Let’s go r* and post up
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2021.09.23 10:29 ceruminator Lagotto romagnolo 'Bianca': piedmontese truffle dog at work

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2021.09.23 10:29 Lukas_Germany NEED Post Karma: If you upvote my post i will upvote any comment in return :)

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2021.09.23 10:29 ili16 Deploy Wallpaper only for new users logging onto laptop

I setup a package to change the wallpaper to our corporate logo but we do allow users to setup their own so I want to deploy the package to my "all laptops" deployment group but only for new users logging in as I don't want to change the personal wallpaper of my users.
Is that possible? Is there an easy way to exclude all users with personal wallpapers?
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2021.09.23 10:29 sototouchuu Will the rest of the Ancient Cookies be added to the gacha?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm very new to this game, so I don't know how the gacha rotation works, like when/if new cookies get added. I really love White Lily Cookie, so I was wondering how likely it is that she would ever become playable.
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2021.09.23 10:29 CouponingLady_ Printed Canisters 5-Pack for $19!

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