What's wrong with my plant?

2021.09.23 11:58 babycoco_213 What's wrong with my plant?

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2021.09.23 11:58 absinthesg Repeated DCs - PS5

Anyone getting repeated DCs the past hour? game was fine yesterday and this morning but suddenly got randomly DCd on my last 3 games. PS5 south europe
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2021.09.23 11:58 jiyannareeka 190919 Yoohyeon 'Deja Vu' MPD Fancam @ M Countdown

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2021.09.23 11:58 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 11:58 knyami Loopring bringing the hype on twitter

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2021.09.23 11:58 MaMe0430 It's been another happy day.

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2021.09.23 11:58 Whitee84848 W: two shot fatman H: caps flux

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2021.09.23 11:58 can-someone-explain Post-fire… should I be worried?

I’m 23F, white. Family history of heart disease and multiple cancers. My heart rate tends to be a little fast (resting is ~85).
So, I recently had a house fire on Saturday. I wasn’t there, but I was next door. After it was out, no one said anything about avoiding the house or being careful. The police were supposed to walk me through, but they left.
I’ve been to the house a handful of times since to either sort through things, clean up, or just to look for what’s left. Yesterday (Wednesday), I noticed breathing felt a little weird and slightly uncomfortable after leaving. Last night, I had some excruciating heart burn (ironic?) and took some Prilosec. I slept a few hours, but the burning woke me up and so I just decided I’d start my day at 4AM.
I made some coffee and had probably half a cup, max. I noticed my head felt a little fuzzy. My heart rate is currently at 110 or so and hasn’t dropped below that since I got up an hour ago.
I’m curious how worried I need to be. I don’t have health insurance right now. It kicks in October 1. I was going to be seen then just in case, but do I need to go now?
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2021.09.23 11:58 EpisodicMaps Season 3, Episode 3: The Underwater Research Lab

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2021.09.23 11:58 ritchieremo Camera recommendations for moving to digital?

I started photography this year on my parent's old Canon EOS 5 (no D, film camera) and a few other film cameras, and I think I've advanced enough to jump to digital. I have about £300 for a camera body (so it's gonna be a used one). It would go most places with me, mostly used for landscapes, architectural photography (in the context of 'that's a cool view' or 'that's a cool building/part of a building') and I would like film scanning to be viable with it (not shooting for max resolution, just more adequate scans than an ebay special scanner). I believe that I need a viewfinder, and it'll go up mountains with me, so weatherproofness would be helpful.
In terms of what I've looked at so far, I've used my Mum's 80D a little and like it because it's similar to the 5 in usage. I like the look of the Olympus M4/3s and Fuji x mount cameras, especially because they enable the usage of all sorts of vintage glass, but I'm yet to actually handle one, and I don't know if the ones in my budget would have a fast enough viewfinder. Sony a and e mount is an option as I have a Minolta 7000 with a 28mm, 50mm and a telezoom my my Grandfather gave me.
So, what are my options for a camera in and around £300 (includes a kit lens if it isn't in the EF or mount families)? It just has to be better than an EOS 40D
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2021.09.23 11:58 RBnick Anyone recruiting?

I’m interested in playing in a group. I have good game knowledge and I’m formerly maxed on a reg account.
I have a full time job but I work from home mostly so I can play a decent amount.
I have another Ironman account but I mainly stick to myself and just grind things out so I don’t have any people to form a group with.
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2021.09.23 11:58 zumuede Was macht ihr mit altem Brot?

Wir sammeln altes, trockenes Brot (passiert halt mal, dass man es nicht ganz schafft) und machen irgendwann Knödel daraus. Ich weiß, dass da viele auf Weißbrot schwören, aber finde unsere Knödel aus allen möglichen Broten eigentlich sehr lecker.
Was macht ihr so mit eurem alten Brot?
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2021.09.23 11:58 Danny_H7 Some UK Supercars [2018 - 2021]

Audi R8 [Bath, UK] Jul 2019
Bentley Continental Supersports [Bath, UK] Apr 2021
Ferrari 458 Speciale [Newcastle upon Tyne, UK] Apr 2021
Ferrari 488 GTB [Wallsend, UK] Apr 2021
Ferrari 488 Pista [London, UK] Jun 2021
McLaren 600LT Spider [Newcastle upon Tyne, UK] Apr 2021
Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS [Hayes, UK] Jun 2021
Porsche 911 GT3 [Bath, UK] Aug 2018
Porsche 911 GT3 [Hill Street, UK] Jul 2021
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2021.09.23 11:58 luna_una_ Offering: English Seeking: Cantonese

Hi everyone! I'm 19F and I'm looking for someone to practice my cantonese with.

If you're interested, please DM me! :)
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2021.09.23 11:58 dilettantedebrah Kentucky hospital feels strain of staff shortage amid COVID surge: "You can't ask nurses to take care of any more people"

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2021.09.23 11:58 Accomplished-Tap3353 SSE Renewables teams up with Microsoft for AI-led puffin conservation project on Isle of May

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2021.09.23 11:58 LawBackground689 Question about group assignments

I am doing introductory personal finance (FNCE20003). The subject has a group assignment worth 10 percent of the grade. I formed a group through the discussion forum thread they had arranged. It’s been a week since the assignment spec is out and no one in my group is replying to my messages and are leaving me on seen or just not opening them. I don’t understand this attitude. Why do uni. Why do this subject. Why commit to a group if they clearly don’t give a rats ass.
Please advise me on what I can do. Slightly freaking out.
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2021.09.23 11:58 AdFantastic4172 magic-heaven.info

Hi everyone
we are open for new sign ups come and take a look
Magic-Heaven is an excellent private community for general content. signups are open . This tracker don't have a large members base, but has very friendly and active community and many quality torrents. but has and many torrents from all other general categories like music, tv episodes, games etc movies. Magic-Heaven still maintaining ratio is not a issue because has excellent bonus points system and for seeding torrents you got many bonus points and you can to exchange it for upload credit which will sort out your ratio Also has shoutbox and forum where members can to share knowledge and help to any member which need some help. seeding time is only 24 hours that's there site rules ,we do have an autobot which uploads movies and music but also have up loaders who do it by hand and give a lot of there time to do this, we do also have djs that play music , we are always looking for up loaders and djs
All in all, Magic-Heaven is more then a tracker, it's a small friendly community.
Go and take a look for yourself, 24 hours seed time that's all it is
Thank you all for reading hope to see you all there
Free leach is on at the moment till Monday which means your download stats are not counted only your upload stats are recorded
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2021.09.23 11:58 Stagilyspill364 QC on these 380 many thanks famm

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2021.09.23 11:58 Crazy-G00D 90 fps Mobile Legends

Do you reckon mlbb will get higher refresh rates like pc mobas (dota 2, LoL etc)? because the game is in a good place rn with loads of balancing happening, events, new smoother ui etc.
I think it will be a massive revamp if they add this to the game like pubgM did since most flagships and midrangers have the power and hardware to handle higher fps now.
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2021.09.23 11:58 hightum7 [PS3] [early 2000s] it was a ar game using the playstation eye camera. You put physical cards on a 3x3 grid in turn based combat either against AI or against another person

I seem to remember collecting the cards for this game but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it
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2021.09.23 11:58 omegaphallic Owlin (humanoid Owl race from Strixhaven), are from the D&D Feywild, related to Giant Owls!

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2021.09.23 11:58 satoshinakamotoooo What engine oil should I use?

What type of engine oil should I best be using for a 2016 Toyota Yaris, and where can I get it from?
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2021.09.23 11:58 Judgement_Bot_AITA AITA for asking my husband (42M) to do his own parenting research instead of relying solely on me (38F)?

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2021.09.23 11:58 Antique-Wolverine-59 Why does nobody understand social anxiety?

Social anxiety is honestly exhausting, yesterday after work I came home and slept for four hours. Socialising exhausts me.
Yet I get the distinct feeling that people don’t understand and can’t identify social anxiety.
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