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2021.09.23 10:10 DoubleTGO TV Changes

Looks like Sinclair broadcasting changed WNAB CW58 to a subchannel of WZTV Fox 17 on 17.2 and moved WUXP MyTV30 to channel 58, which still temporarily shows itself as MyTV30, although I suspect this will be changed soon to reflect the channel number change. On channel 30, a shopping/jewelry network is being show, which I also believe to temporary. This only affects over-the-air viewers as some will have to rescan their TVs/converter boxes to reflect the changes, it looks like cable and streaming providers have already made the appropriate changes. Not sure why they did this but it’s an interesting change nonetheless.
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2021.09.23 10:10 drs1015 Why are bIack people so ugly and stupid?

Why are bIack people so stupid? Their average IQ rivals that of a mentally retarded person. Even the well nourished partially white ones in America score an entire standard deviation below average. Also, why are they so ugly? Their shit colored skin and disgusting curly hair is universally undesirable. Even bIacks in Africa prefer women of other ethnicities. I don’t understand how they even reproduce, I can barely tell an African woman apart from an African man unless they have a wig to fix their disgusting hair. What explains these gaping disparities in desirable traits and how can we fix the negative societal effects of it? Should we sterilize them?
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2021.09.23 10:10 SpiralArchitect666 Need help for transitioning wavy busy mother

So this isn't for me, it's for my sister. Two months ago, I've managed to prove to her that she has naturally wavy hair. She's 2A/2B. I know she has a lot of potential to be 2B after the transition period. But she's really struggling. She has a month old baby and a three year old. She barely has time to wash her hair and sometimes she only manages to wash it, style it and then baby starts crying and she ends up falling asleep in a hair towel with her hair plopped while trying to put her baby to sleep and when she wakes up it's flat. She hasn't had any good results for like a month bc shes transitioning and her hair keeps falling flat even after a good hair day, and if not that, she can't diffuse cause it takes too much time. I've tried to put flexi rods in her hair, but it's no good. Just looks messy on her, and me. Maybe I did it wrong, but i mean it didn even hold for a few hour for her. Does anyone have a similar experience? I really wanna help her get her natural wave back cause I know she'd love it. I don't want her to give up because it's hard work. Does anyone know a good, quick routine and some tips for transitioning hair falling flat? I had kind of a similar experience during my transition, but diffusing helpped keep the hold and keep everything consistent. So far she tried some gliss spray light leave in (don't know exact name of her products), taft medium stength hair gel, deva curl ultradefining gel (my product). At this point, I don't even know what works for her anymore cause she keeps falling asleep with her hair wet in a toqel, but i knoq devacurl gave her great definition.
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2021.09.23 10:10 HarderData Review for MushAUroom

Quick responses. Easy to deal with. Threw in a freebie! 10/10 would recommend.
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2021.09.23 10:10 ThomasStein How much will I earn if I create a Gala node? Find out right here!

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2021.09.23 10:10 AdditionalFold7953 Alter Ego Season 1 Episode 1

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2021.09.23 10:10 Rico_____ Femboy friend??

Anyone wanna be my femboy friend?? We can just talk about femboy stuff, tell stories or even have some fun?? Idk just msg me or comment !!
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2021.09.23 10:10 tireDetergent ELI5: Why do hands/arms fall asleep when they stick out of the blanket?

It could be any one limb. I could be sleeping in the most comfortable position. All it takes is ONE arm slipping out of the blanket during the night. It rests comfortably next to me but it's just peeking out of the blanket.
When I wake up, it feels like a dead person's attached itself onto me. It's stark cold. When I prod it, its numb. When I try to arise, it feels like it weighs a ton.
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2021.09.23 10:10 maxthe_m8 :(

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2021.09.23 10:10 MindAdventuresYT Would like to invite everybody to check my work and maybe stay for a while if u like what u see. We are only starting so any suggestions and support highly appreciated

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2021.09.23 10:10 g4m3f33d Fortnite: Use This Insane Combination To Rotate In Season 8 - ESTNN Esports

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2021.09.23 10:10 Mediocre-Table-7205 What is your thoughts on scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse?

Personally scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse is my favorite zombie comedy movie and I just wanted to see if anyone else enjoyed it as much as I did
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2021.09.23 10:10 sugmaspiritballs bro im so contradictory

im like "im so happy ive barely been thinking of him (crush)" but then i think about that constantly. so im still thinkin of him
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2021.09.23 10:10 Bruh_Momett How long would a retainer be required for open bite that didn’t naturally occur.

I know how long retainers are usually supposed to be worn but I was curious about this. Retainers are used to keep your teeth in their new positions after braces. Hypothetically if a child developed open bite from a thumb sucking habit that persisted to a teen/adult age would the time required to wear a retainer be affected at all since the teeth did not naturally form open?
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2021.09.23 10:10 khaled_kodsy super wonderful Guitar Music

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2021.09.23 10:10 RelevantInternal2239 SJT PREP

Hi guys!
What resources would you all recommend for the SJT exam?
Is it worth doing course like the the Emedica course ?
Thank you so much!
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2021.09.23 10:10 Nightwing1230 Karen <3

I thought Karen’s arc this season was so powerful. Surrounded by the egotistical and insecure monsters of Provincetown was this woman, free from greed, happily making personal art that she didn’t need anyone else to appreciate. Her end was tragic, yet satisfying. She really was a beacon in the darkness and thirst of Red Tide.
It also makes it all the more ironic that she was written by Ryan Murphy, a manchild who crumbles from the slightest criticism and screams at teenagers over Instagram DM’s when they don’t like his show.
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2021.09.23 10:10 cottonmouse623 Need an advice!!

Hi everyone! Never thought I would have to go here to ask for advice but here we are. My bf and I are currently in a long distance relationship. It's not too far, he comes to the UK to study his 1 year master, and I am in the Netherlands finishing my last year of university. I thought it would be fine since I could visit him ofter (because it's close), and that's exactly what I did: I book a ticket, visa, room etc. to see him without confirming him the date beforehand. We just had a fight yesterday and the day before about this, he felt that I put him in a difficult situation when he just moved in, had to settle and then will host me in his busiest study week. We talked and resolved it yesterday. And everything is fine now. But I still feel worried. And I think that's coming from me: 3 years ago I broke up with my ex, and we were in a long distance relationship as well. He would just abandoned me, and cheated on me, like I didn't exist. So whats bothering me now is after this conflict with my current bf, I realized maybe I still deeply feel a bit insecure, I still deeply scared that this will happen again, and he would be suck up to all the new exciting things that then will get bored of me or something. I think that's why I was so spontaneously booking everything to visit there right after when he left without telling him in detail. I have total trust in my bf now and never worried about cheating, but I'm worried about what if he just get bored of me one day when he has all the new friends/ relationships there? I know from my bitter experience that complaining and rambling about that with him wouldn't be a good idea. But I don't know what to do now to stop having that insecure feeling. Could someone give me an advice?
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2021.09.23 10:10 SmotheredByHarem Finally finished my music! What do you guys think about it : D
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2021.09.23 10:10 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 10:10 BigRabbs77 Is it possible for ATAK to automatically select a route between 2 waypoints by only staying on roads?

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2021.09.23 10:10 MultiVerseBeans Gas Reaper and Aura genetix drop is Friday at 10 AM PST.

3 new strains for gas reaper with 1 being exclusive to MVB.
1 exclusive strain for aura genetix.
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2021.09.23 10:10 barryallenxoxo My Hero Academia Season 6 has been Officially Announced

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2021.09.23 10:10 y_younger Do you think Kim would sell her house , if her next relationship was serious??

Just had a random thought would Kim sell her calabasas mansion if she got into a serious relationship??
Especially with every inch of her house being thought out by her ex husband & axel, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable living in that crib knowing every inch had ur ex input/approval or maybe am over thinking this???
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