I decided to replay Madden 20 and….

2021.10.18 07:23 bongocat983 I decided to replay Madden 20 and….

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2021.10.18 07:23 CeloHQ Interoperability is not a thing of the past

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2021.10.18 07:23 Ecstatic-Peanut3414 Garbage Event ‼️

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2021.10.18 07:23 S_gilded why is my youtube subtitles looks like this? how can i fix it?#YouTubeKilledTrustedFlagging

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2021.10.18 07:23 Gase_Sucks_Balls can I please get a recommendation

Looking to buy a scooter. Not really sure where to start as far as good brands go. I do understand all customer service sucks and ill have to fix things myself which is fine. Here is what I'm looking for
At least 25-30 mph. Mostly will be used for fun but also may take it to work some days which is only an 8 mile round trip commute.
Doesn't need to be off road
Under 2k but bonus if it's under 1500. I'd pay a little more if it's a much better scooter though
LED lights to be visible is a bonus but not required. I can install my own later.
Something under 60lbs would be great for portability that also folds down
Bonus points if I can buy off Amazon but not required.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.10.18 07:23 KingEnder22 The Angels of Baal?

I read in a post that mentioned Sanguinious' "soul" is two rival warp entities smashed together. Is this true? What are their names if they have them? I also vaguely remember either Dante or Mephiston being one of the "Champions" being mentioned in a different post
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2021.10.18 07:23 guttochaos escolha sua posição

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2021.10.18 07:23 Yurr22345 Who is she

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2021.10.18 07:23 dpnguyen318 If you know, you know

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2021.10.18 07:23 CrazyMeliMelo [For Hire] Oc Affection (Art and characters (c) Me)

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2021.10.18 07:23 Green122228 Mountain Dew Snapd 12 packs has anyone find this in NY, NJ, or CT?

If so please post name of store and address.
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2021.10.18 07:23 defective-potato We suffer the same fate...

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2021.10.18 07:23 SmooveJigga What is Carnage first appearance? And if it's Amazing Spiderman 361 why does it say full appearance instead of 1st appearance?

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2021.10.18 07:23 FD435 .22 Shell Catch with Release Bolt

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2021.10.18 07:23 pwfisbpsbestsong When a natural disaster happens my mum is like this is what happens when you ‘re a disbeliever

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2021.10.18 07:23 SavBrowsing my dad is probably cheating

My mom told me she noticed he was hiding stuff. He's buying my sister and i a bunch of nice things like he's compensating for something, he doesn't sleep next to my mom anymore, and every night he goes to the car for like 20-1 hr claiming hes using the oxygen tank. When we called him, it takes like 5 times before he picks up and it always says he's in another call. He's always really defensive about stuff, changed his password on his phone and always hides his phone from us. My mom made her peace with it. They both have really strong personalities so I know my mom can handle it. She has a game plan but that isn't the point
My mom tells me I shouldn't see my dad any differently because he fullfills his needs as a dad. But fuck
I feel so fucking guilty man. I'm 15, and the only reason why they got married was because they had me (i was a mistake btw). Everything is my fault. I can't look at things in my room without feeling guilty and disgusted with myself. This all couldve been avoided if they didnt have me.
sorry for the mess.
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2021.10.18 07:23 heinaga1989 🌭HotDoge V3 🌭 Presale 🚨LIVE 🚨for less than 2 more days! 😱 Top 10 buyers get additional $100 value! 💶 One random lucky buyer will receive DOUBLE their purchase! 🤯

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💪🏻HotDoge V3 protects against bots and discourages dumping with a dynamic sell limit based on price impact, increasing sell cool downs, and redistribution taxes based on consecutive sells.
🌭Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quad)
✅ 3% Distribution to holders in BNB
✅ 3% VIP perks and volunteer rewards
✅ 3.5% Marketing/Development
✅ 2.5% Liquidity for our upcoming Cex/Dex listings
✅ 3% Anti-Whale buyback
Website: www.hotdogetoken.com
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/XCh74pym8d
Telegram: https://t.me/HotDogeBsc
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/hotdoge/
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2021.10.18 07:23 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.10.18 07:23 EmotionalCommand4337 Real sigma right here 😤😤😤😤😤😤

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2021.10.18 07:23 Oprymea Offering Tarot readings 💗🔮

I have been reading Tarot for the past 3 years and can answer any question you have. I own an Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/tarotbytsuki where you can purchase a listing. If you don’t see want to go through Etsy, you can purchase one of my more in-depth readings (voice or video recorded). Payment through paypal only.
Prices are: - 17 euros for 30 minute recording - 30 euros for 1 hour recording
Reviews are on Reddit page.
Have a great day 💗🔮
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2021.10.18 07:23 AbbyWrightsalot We just found out my bf (27f, 33m) has a kid he didn’t know about, and I’m not sure how to work through it.

There’ll be a tl;dr at the end for the impatient ones lol.
So the title is fairly descriptive. But this morning, my bf found out that someone he had hooked up with once ended up getting pregnant. My bf had just broken up with a girlfriend of a couple years, and went to visit his sister in London since she was on her winter break (he is not British nor is she, she just chose to go to school there) with a return ticket a little after the new year to avoid spending the holidays alone.
Apparently him and the girl (let’s call her Tina? I have no issue with her and don’t wanna call her “the girl” forever) we’re both very drunk and ended up going back to her place. Long story short, they fell out of contact shortly after that since he was going back to America and they traded phone numbers in case they had the chance to get together again and went about their lives.
Shortly after that, Tina ended up changing her phone number (for an unrelated reason) and getting a new phone, and bf’s number wasn’t backed up so by the time she realized she was pregnant, she had no idea how to reach him. She also forgot the spelling of his name so she couldn’t find him on social media (his first name sounds like initials but is spelled phonetically but she couldn’t recall which initials or spelling) and in Tina’s own words, she didn’t look very hard to find him knowing it would be fairly unlikely since he had long since gone back to America.
This is where things get sort of complicated. Tina doesn’t want anything from bf. 4 months after finding out she was pregnant she met a guy and was up front about the pregnancy and it’s origin and he stayed around. Tina had a girl, who she named Amelia (a random fact she remembered about bf after the birth was his favorite Doctor Who companion) and when Amelia was 2, Tina got married and her husband legally adopted Amelia. By all accounts they seem like a happy and healthy family. My bf showed me a picture, and the resemblance is very much there. Amelia is about to turn 5 so we got a picture of her as a baby and a picture of her from her first day of school.
Recently they moved from London back to Tina’s home town of Edinburgh to be closer to Tina’s parents. That was when, while deep cleaning her old apartment, she found a receipt from the night she met my bf and he paid their bar tab with his credit card; the receipt had his first and last name, and she found him on Instagram.
Tina said the reason she reached out was the likelihood of Amelia finding out her biological father would increase as she got older, especially since there isn’t any recognized paternity on the original birth certificate and wanted to know if, down the road, he would be open to meeting her, if Amelia wanted to.
I’m not upset with my bf. This is clearly something that he couldn’t have anticipated (he actually kept her number for years and I guess only got rid of it when I moved in with him but since he hadn’t heard from her he didn’t reach out) and he said he’s fine but I can tell his brain is on overdrive, and I don’t know how to support him, I’ve never been in this situation nor did I expect to. I mean it’s a shock to me too, and I definitely have some undefined feelings about the issue. But he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t feel right about not taking responsibility if he found out he had created a child and I’m worried about what he’s going through internally.
Has anyone ever gone through something like this? How did you handle it? How did your partner?
tl;dr bf had one night stand 6ish years ago that turned into a pregnancy in a different country that he did not know about. Mom of daughter doesn’t want anything but wants to know if bf would be ok meeting daughter down the road.
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2021.10.18 07:23 artisticallymusical5 Threw a bunch of primers together and created this psychedelic swirl of beauty.

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2021.10.18 07:23 Alyxailes I feel guilty whenever I see a guitar

I'm sorry if this is not as heavy as any other posts I've read here, I just needed somewhere to share this...
I have this bad, uneasy, guilty feeling, whenever I see a guitar.
Here's the story:
Neil's my friend. He's a cool person that is joins/part of a band whenever there's a university party. He's a fellow gamer too, supports indie devs and loves puzzles. He's somewhat religious too since he plays instruments for their church.
We had this university project, 4 years ago, where I needed to make a prototype that tunes an electric guitar by turning each tuning peg using motors attached to the tuning peg. Basically, a tuner where you don't need to do anything except strum each string, it just adjusts itself. Since I do not have an electric guitar, we borrowed one from Neil.
Comes the day I need to turn in my project, the guitar was handled by my BF but he dropped the guitar on a concrete pavement, hard. Neil warned us to take care and beware about the guitar's strap being loose, it's just my BF didn't knew and I forgot to tell him about it. The guitar had cracks on it's shiny coating where it dropped and hours later, the cracks were falling.
I hid what happened for 1-2 weeks to Neil thinking I can find someone to repair the cracks but no one can. The problem was I hid it from him and didn't tell him right away. Ultimately, since I cannot fix the damage to the guitar I borrowed, I told him about it and he said, "don't worry about it". I apologized and I insisted I buy him something for his guitar and he said, okay, if I really insist, and proceeded to buy strings for him. The day I gave him the strings are the last day we had conversation too. I still see him in the university but I kind of avoid him...
It happened 4 years ago and I'm no instrument type of person but I do enjoy music. It's just, whenever I see guitars or him on social media, I ALWAYS remember what happened and it's becoming annoying. What could've Neil felt? How much was that guitar? Were the strings enough? Something like those thoughts.
Any advice how to completely get rid of these feelings/thoughts?
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2021.10.18 07:23 GreenSage13 I do wish this game success but

It's been what like 3 days now. I have 1 single new soldier in Tunisia after my nightly gaming (5 or so hours each.) I'm not saying I "should" have more but my motivation to keep trying so desperately with the starting scraps for Tunisia soldiers is...meh. I mean I guess I do have 2 rank 4 soldiers in the first squad so I guess there's that. But as of writing this I just uninstalled on Xbox.
I can promise you I will probably be back in the future but the state of the game right now, I just don't see the value in time spent. Sorry.
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2021.10.18 07:23 Exoskeleton78 PC Offensive aura + 7% FRW GC

On switch hardcore.
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