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2021.10.18 06:14 enjuisbiggay Lmao I just got banned from r/funny for replying "balls" to the advice: no iphone comment

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2021.10.18 06:14 JimmieJ48fan Reddit Xfinity Series Fantasy League Week 31-Kansas (Sat 10-23 3pm)

NOTE: Make Sure before you select any Cup Level Drivers that you still have those picks left to be able to pick them. If you are unsure who counts as a Cup Level Driver pick please see the Xfinity/Truck picks section of the rule book in the link above.
Standings after Week 30

Rank +/- Driver Points Behind Wins Plof Pts Winnings
1 -- Maddi10* + 3171 Leader 9 82 $1,542,577
2 -- CaptainBert^ 3163 -8 8 76 $1,199,190
3 -- justbo-lieve^ 3148 -23 6 63 $1,238,636
4 -- hgimn* 3138 -33 5 52 $1,036,524
5 -- mva812^ # 3129 -42 5 48 $1,046,420
6 +1 JJohnson48fan* 3125 -46 3 41 $1,040,644
7 +1 KJH278* 3124 -47 6 36 $1,217,269
8 -2 turtlemaster942^ # 3123 -48 3 42 $993,967
9 -- carpetbeggar^ 3119 -52 3 31 $1,038,175
10 -- KEMxxG^ 2854 -317 3 32 $1,043,167
11 -- Mike1494* 2852 -319 3 30 $1,046,590
12 -- JTodd14^ 2798 -373 3 35 $1,079,040
13 -- DaltonTG^ 2225 -946 3 30 $1,057,443
14 -- HoovDawg^ # 2103 -1068 1 22 $975,053
15 -- JamieMcMurray26* 2028 -1143 1 13 $965,134
16 -- Slumerican^ 1781 -1390 0 9 $892,308
17 -- WranglerMan^ # 559 -2612 1 10 $335,943
18 -- GoodOlBoys01^ # 335 -2836 1 9 $238,085
"#" = Rookie
"+" = Clinched Championship 4 Position
Points Spreadsheet
Manufacturer Standings after Week 30
On the Manufacturer tab of the Points link above
ROTY Standings after Week 30
On the ROTY tab of the Points link above
Kansas Speedway. . . . . . . . . . . Kansas Lottery 300
Poles Won (AKA: Highest Average Starting Position of Picks)
Races Won (AKA: Scored most points during a week)
N/A Cup Drivers Barred From Playoff Races (All Picks Are Eligible)
Used This Week: JamieMcMurray26, JTodd14, KEMxxG, KJH278, Mike1494, mva812, and turtlemaster942
Playoff Grid
Clinched Championship 4 Position This Weekend
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2021.10.18 06:14 krillerrrr Why c!Bad and c!Skeppy are wrongly victimized by the fandom.

A common theme I've seen with these two regarding the fandom is that they are often treated like completely innocent people who selflessly sacrificed themselves for eachother in the Egg arc.
News Flash: They're not. Bad and Skeppy are anything but selfless.
Despite the fact that it's been made clear multiple times that Bad and Skeppy are selfish and not great individuals, the fandom still clings onto this ideal that they can do no wrong.
The reason for this is a mix of certain factors, but before we delve into those, I would find it a good idea to actually disprove the "c!Bad and c!Skeppy can do no wrong" mentality.
Pre-Egg Arc This analysis starts with something that happened within Skeppy's first few days of joining; his tour around the server with Dream.
This tour isn't too important, but it's still tied to when Skeppy gets the Cat disc, as events from that stream are mentioned in the stream where Skeppy gets the Cat disc.
Essentially what happens in the server tour is that Skeppy kills one of Dream's dogs and forces him to name the other or else he'd kill it. Dream decides to name the dog Charles so Skeppy doesn't kill it. (This whole scene has tonal whiplash in the fact that right after, Skeppy starts calling Charles a good boy as if he didn't just murder a dog infront of him-)
Other than that, Skeppy and Dream have some very interesting interactions in this stream. I have transcripted one, shown below.
"Skeppy all I ask of you is please don't start any wars. That is all I don't want- If you start a war or something, it'll be- It'll be upsetting."
"Yknow, there was something I was tryna do earlier, but... I just didn't have that piece of iron and that flint." [Skeppy, changing the subject.]
"Oh my God. Well-"
"Would you happen to have that... Material on you in your inventory?"
"I- If I did, I wouldn't give it to you, Skeppy!"
"But do you have it on you?" [Skeppy walks forward and Dream moves backwards]
"Yknow what- I will give you one thing."
[Dream gives Skeppy one block of TNT]
"That is all- You can do what you please-"
"Wait how much of that do you have?" [Skeppy interrupting Dream]
"I have a lot. But I- But I-"
"Can I have some more please?" [Skeppy is walking towards him again, this time with a sword.]
"No- No No No... No."
"Dream, I'm asking you as a friend."
"Skeppy- One TNT-"
"We bonded with eachother and the dog. We bonded with your dog."
"One TNT- You also killed one of my dogs-"
"No, I was helping him and I put him in a better place."
Eventually, Dream and Skeppy go on to talk about L'Manburg.
Interestingly enough, their whole conversation feels very similar to Skeppy's conversation with Foolish about L'Sandburg.
Skeppy ends up calling Dream a psycho but ends up agreeing with his view on L'Manburg because of Dream using a metaphor concerning a table in a house.
This leads us to when Skeppy gets the Cat disc via Spirit's leather.
"Well, today I killed Charles infront of everybody." [Dream]
"You killed Charles?" [Skeppy]
"Why?" [Just a note that Skeppy doesn't sound shocked or repulsed in the slightest.]
"Because the dogs don't do anything for me but negative."
[Tommy and Tubbo get kicked and get back in]
"-That question doesn't really matter. The second question I had was; I'll give you the leather cause it's rightfully yours, but why do you care if you give me two discs? I don't understand-"
"Yes but listen, but I- There's been wars on this server over these discs, okay? Multiple wars."
"Oh, so you want control over them." [I don't know if anyone else has ever seen through Dreams intentions this easily]
"I want control over them, yes."
"But, I am willing to trade you one."
"Well, how many discs are there?"
"There's two."
"Oh, there's two?"
"So you'd have 50% of the discs."
"Huhhhmmm... I'd really want all of it-" [Skeppy literally just proved the concept that he wants control over the server with his own words in the span of a few seconds.]
"But the thing is, there's no point in burning it, because if you burn them you lose everything. Like, you lose all power."
"Like if you have the discs, you can- Even if you just trade them to Tommy you have tons of power to trade with."
Skeppy continues to be stubborn for a while, as he wants both discs instead of just one, and ends up settling for just the Cat disc. In the midst of this, he also has an interesting quote;
"Hmm... The thing is, I've been trying to get rich, cause it's my first day on this server where I'm actually actively trying to go about it, get rich and I- I just can't find anything. And I don't want to go mining. So, if you could like offer me some goods with the disc, instead of the second one, uh... That would be great. Does that sound fair?"
So then we get into the more solid evidence with Skeppy giving Bad the Cat disc. This scene paints them in a very obviously negative light.
I think the most notably concerning part of this scene is the fact that it shows that Bad and Skeppy are pretty deattached from having a decent morality. They both literally start laughing over the idea of being able to manipulate Tommy with the Cat disc.
Later in the clip, they go and mine for quartz for what would become the Quartz Mansion.
This is actually when the Badlands was conceptualized. Ant and Sam came later when it was actually formed, but Bad and Skeppy, from the start, wanted to make the Badlands for the sole purpose of chaos.
A premise that wasn't immediately shared to Ant and Sam upon them joining, which marks another difference in morality between c!Happyduo and others, which gets explored more in depth later on.
"So here's the thing, Skeppy. Have you- Do you know about the war that's going on- On here?"
"I do. But fill me in on the details."
*"So, there was a rebellion and an election and JSchlatt and his faction have conquered L'Manberg and they renamed it to Manberg." *
"What does that mean for us?"
[Dono interrupts them]
"...So, they conquered and now JSchlatt's the president of L'Manberg. But here's the thing, right? They called it Manberg which is dumb in my opinion, but, I'm a bigger fan of the name L'Manberg- But here's the thing, we have a choice. We can either... Join the Manberg faction- There's a ton of netherrack in here- Did you put that there?-"
"Uh... No."
"Okay, someone else was doing mining... Uh... We can either join that faction and join- And fight against Tommy. Tommy and his squadron, which is Wilbur and Technoblade, they fled the capital, alright? And they have gone off and formed their new land called Pogtopia, okay? Now, we can either join them- or we can join the memers who currently hold Manberg which is a dumb name, I'm still gonna call it L'Manberg- Or we can form our own faction! And we can rebel against both of them! What do you think?"
"Hmmm...." [Skeppy sounds amused]
"We can fan the flames of war and discord... And chaos."
"Bad, I'm down to make our own, but we're really gonna have to try hard."
"Well, so here's the idea, Skeppy. We currently hold the disc of power, alright?"
"We do. We do. This is our leverage."
"This is our leverage against Tommy. We're basically untouchable from them, right? They do anything to us, we can roasty toasty the disc."
"Aww, I like what you're thinking Bad!"
Then their conversation goes to this;
"So, what I'm thinking is, we play the factions against eachother. And we just- We just meme our own faction- What if we just betray both sides." [Bad]
"Oh my god." [Happy tone]
"Cause Tommy can't do anything to us. We can just betray everybody."
"Yeah we could do that."
[They're giggling]
"Or play everybody, I should say." [Bad laughs] "Cause Skeppy, I think the most fun we can have is... The chaos fun. Let's just cause chaos and wreak havoc. What do you think, Skeppy?"
"Well the thing is, no one knows that you have the disc. So..."
"Yeah, no one knows right now."
"Just give me some time. I need to get stacked up a little bit first."
"I do too- We need to get you good loot- I'm going to work on getting us Sharpness V after our axes, so that's my priority."
"I'll work on the house side of things."
"We're gonna do it Skeppy! We're gonna conquer this server! By pitting the two factions against eachother! And then we will come out on top. That is our duck faction-"
[Skeppy chuckles]
"-The chaos duck faction- That's our aim of the game, Skeppy."
"Are we sure we wanna call it that though?"
"I mean I don't know I kinda like it, quack."
So then we get into the Battle of the Lake/Burning Of The Eiffel Tower conflict.
Despite this conflict being centered around Sapnap and Tommy, it has quite a few moments of Bad and Skeppy being well... Bad and Skeppy.
For example, Bad states that "an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind," only for him to later hypocritically ask Sapnap to join the Badlands so that they can kill Tommy. All Tommy did was accuse Bad of a crime that nobody even believed he committed.
Skeppy also encourages Tommy to be violent by saying "We need to take revenge. [against Sapnap]" which on a surface level doesn't sound bad until you realize that Sapnap has never wronged Skeppy once, which makes you really wonder who "we" is.
He also threatened to kill Tommy for standing near the Quartz Mansion a few minutes before that while giving him what I'd presume to be a death glare.
And then he did it again when Tommy starts boasting about how he "singlehandedly" killed Skeppy;
[Skeppy stares down Dream and Tommy, not saying anything at all, standing a block above them]
"He's gonna assassinate you, Tommy." [Dream]
"He wouldn't- He couldn't- Cause I'm too strong." [Tommy]
"...Tommy, you're forgetting who trained me. You're forgetting who trained me." [Skeppy, referring to Techno]
And then, the Manburg vs Pogtopia War happens, and luckily for us, we have Bad's POV.
This stream is literally just packed full of moments of Bad and Skeppy being morally questionable, even if the Badlands didn't do much in the actual war.
It also shows that there's a difference in how Sam and Ant view things compared to Bad and Skeppy.
Sam even says at one point that he thinks that they are "Defending the innocent," and Ant states that he agrees. Bad brushes this off and Skeppy completely ignores it.
Sam and Ant also express some guilt and sadness for the fact that their friends homes got blown up, meanwhile Bad and Skeppy don't care whatsoever and are satisfied with the outcome.
"Do you consider this a win boys?!" [Skeppy, interrupting Sam, Ant, and Bad's conversation about the destruction]
"This is a win, Skeppy!" [Bad]
"This is a win for us!" [Skep]
"Let's go!" [Ant]
"...Technically we gained nothing but their losses which is still a gain!" [Skeppy]
"It is a gain!" [Bad]
"This is a gain for us." [Sam]
"The conflict, it will continue, we've now- We've now got- Destroyed buildings that need to be repaired, there's new battle lines that have been drawn, so this is perfect! We can keep the conflict going, and then the Badlands will be victorious! Yes! I'm loving this. Good work everyone. Good work team." [Bad]
Bad and Skeppy later talk to eachother alone about a tweet Skeppy made. The tweet is basically himnstating that he's considering burning Tommy's Cat disc [This was literally moments after MvPG]
"Yknow what, Skeppy?" [Bad, changing vcs so Ant and Sam don't hear them.]
"Hmmm..." [Skeppy]
"I saw your tweet."
"Hmmm..." [Skeppy again, but this time it's with a tone that indicates he's quite amused.]
"Are you suggesting that we introduce a little bit more chaos into the mix?" [Bad]
"I don't know, I don't know. We'll have to see how it plays out."
[Bad giggles]
Basically, this section establishes c!Skeppy and c!Bad as morally gray (at best), which contradicts the idea idea they "did nothing wrong."
The lack of knowledge about their involvement these events really supports people's incorrect impressions of their characters.
The Egg Arc Moving onto to what is probably the most important section in this post, is the Egg Arc.
And Early Egg Arc Skeppy is heavily misunderstood. Not just by the people around him, but by the fandom itself.
His behavior towards Bad and Puffy in the Early Egg Arc is often played off as being lighthearted or seen as "omg jealous skeppy haha skephalo monke noises" or just defined as only that one scene of "Is it me or the Egg?" All three are just wrong.
Skeppy acts so uncharacteristically aggressive to everyone around him because he is scared of being replaced by Puffy and the Egg.
He actually starts being pretty two-faced and starts talking shit about Bad to Puffy as a result. It gives him a possessive toxic friend vibe even if he normally doesn't act that way when it comes to Bad at all, since his change in behavior is fear-based.
"The Egg is beautiful and Bad loves the Egg!" [Puffy]
"No he doesn't!" [Skeppy]
"He does love the Egg!"
[Puffy starts talking over him] "He doesn't! He loves me! He loves me! Not Discount Skeppy! Not Discount Skeppy!- [Puffy interrupts him] That is not true, I am not replaceable."
And then he goes on to say multiple times that "Bad cannot make his own decisions" and that "Bad doesnt know what he wants.
He also hits Puffy with his sword a few times and claims that he was simply "testing it out."
"Bad is ignorant when it comes to these things. We're just gonna be real. We're just gonna be- [Puffy talks over him] No I- I haven't insulted him, I've just been honest."
Skeppy also clearly does not trust Puffy whatsoever. The moment Bad mentions that someone stole his stuff, Skeppy immediately goes after Puffy and accuses her. Somehow people think that c!Puffy and c!Skeppy are friends, yet c!Skeppy literally demonstrates behavior that says the clear opposite.
Eventually, we get the scene of where Skeppy repeatedly asks Bad if he'd choose him or the Egg, which leads to Skeppy trapping himself inside the Egg.
But the thing is, this wasn't selfless, it was actually pretty selfish when you think about it. Skeppy gave up and decided that he didn't care if the problem continued as long as he could be by Bad's side. Skeppy could've just put obsidian around the Egg and not went inside it and everyone wouldn't be affected by it anymore. [Until the obsidian would eventually make it stronger, but this was at a point in time where that wasn't entirely known.]
Skeppy had actually witnessed how the corruption came back after he removed the obsidian once, so the fact that he just decided to put himself in the Egg is selfish because he doesn't care about the fact that the Egg harms other people. It's not a sacrifice.
Also it should be mentioned that Skeppy definitely willingly trapped himself inside it, because Skeppy literally can't hear the Egg's voice. Neither can Red Skeppy, which is proved by the stream in which Skeppy loses his first canon life.
Anyways, Skeppy's action of trapping himself in the Egg actually extended the Egg arc, and is basically why it ever escalated in the first place. Eventually, everyone had become uninfected except for Skeppy, who has gone through a complete personality change unlike everyone else.
This leads to Bad willingly letting himself get corrupted again because Skeppy is corrupted. This again, is selfish.
We know that in the case of everyone who isn't Skeppy, the Egg influences via voices. Red Skeppy is most likely completely controlled by the Egg as a way to try and take advantage of Bad.
So, keeping that in mind, Bad's actions after he willingly lets himself get infected are pretty bad for someone who "isn't" selfish.
He makes the Eggpire for chaos for the Badlands. He manages to get people infected and on his side. He also sets up the Red Banquet, and ends up traumatizing and killing multiple people. He has to be at least somewhat aware of what he is doing.
However, an important part of the Egg Arc that is very overlooked is that Bad actually starts paralleling Early Egg Arc Skeppy in a few ways.
I once made an analysis post on why Bad is afraid of Dream and why that lead him to putting Skeppy on BD Island. [Yes it's canonically called that. BD Island for short. Fun fact, it was made on a 16th.]
To summarize, the Skeppy Jail in the Disc Confrontation ends up sending Bad into a paranoid spiral which causes him to lead a dubiously-infected Skeppy to BD Island.
And to say the least, Bad acts meaner to Skeppy than normal on BD Island. He also doesn't answer his questions as to why they're going there, and when he does, it's only to bring Skeppy's ego down. [He states at one point its because Skeppy is "bad at Minecraft."]
In a similar fashion to how Skeppy acted like an aggressive jerk when he was scared, Bad also acts different than usual in response to fear.
In fact, he seems to downplay his emotions if his prison visit to Dream is anything to go by.
But one of the most important things about BD Island is that it establishes a very clear difference between Red Skeppy and c!Skeppy as characters. This is shown by when c!Skeppy starts to notice he's feeling corrupted again on 3/2.
Putting that aside cause I'm starting to get off topic with this analysis, so I'm going to get back on topic by talking about Skeppy [And Bad]'s first canon death.
The most important thing to be taken from this stream in context of this analysis is Red Skeppy calling c!Bad selfish.
Which although it's the Egg's doing, it's entirely true that Bad is selfish. This man has literally committed so many crimes just for Skeppy, instead of yknow, trying to solve the problem instead of creating more.
It's obvious that both Skeppy and Bad wouldn't consider Bad's actions to be selfish even though they are and Red Skeppy is right.
Puffy also calls Bad selfish during the Red Banquet, and with the Red Banquet comes what people would use to shut down this analysis completely;
"I know, wait. I know where I can go. I know who I can see. But the Egg... The Egg is... it's in their possession right now. What can I do? ...They have it. I just... I just wanted what... I just wanted what it could give me. I didn't really want to hurt anybody. I just wanted what it could give me, but... I don't know. I don't know. Did I screw up? Am I in the wrong here? I don't know. I just need to go. I need to get out of here. Oh my goodness. I don't know what to do."
Or more specifically;
"I didn't really want to hurt anybody." AKA the most bullshit thing c!BadBoyHalo has ever said.
Why is it bullshit?
L'Sandburg Yes, I am aware that Bad "apologized" to Puffy with Ant. (Bad tries to shift the blame onto Ant a lot of times in that stream, though)
But this apology gets completely overturned and rendered as a lie by L'Sandburg.
L'Sandburg is either confusing or annoying to the fanbase, and for some pretty valid reasons, even if i personally love it myself for its characterization despite it being filler improv lore.
Some people find the fact that it's a big reference to L'Manberg annoying, simply find it boring, while others have issues figuring out the plot or watching it which makes sense.
L'Sandburg is a hard plotline to get into because Foolish has extremely long streams while Bad streamed very late at night for most people, causing it to be hard to find clips.
This was an issue for me too, actually. I have a ton of evidence from live streams such as Bad literally victimblaming Puffy for Foolish's death or Bad stating that he wants to kill Ponk and cut his other arm off over a turtle, but I can't actually give this evidence sources because of how hard it is to actually find these moments. [plus I'm tired right now ngl].
I do have evidence that is actually sourcable, however, hence why we have this section.
So to properly start this section off,
Let's talk about the nature of L'Sandburg itself.
L'Sandburg is quite literally a hostile takeover of land.
If Bad felt guilty for what he indirectly caused, you'd think he'd try doing something to repair his relationship with Foolish, but he does the exact opposite by literally invading his land and telling him to die.
He also acts exactly how he did pre-Egg arc.
It's actually mind-boggling when you realize that Bad is indirectly most of the reason why Foolish joined Las Nevadas; L'Sandburg was the final straw.
And then we have Skeppy. It feels like nobody actually watched the part where Skeppy talked to Foolish about the kidnapping plan and people just think he wants to leave Bad because of what Foolish said which... Makes no sense with how Skeppy acts towards Foolish in that stream.
In fact, Skeppy very clearly manipulates Foolish in that stream. He sets off many red flags, and luckily for me, I actually have parts transcripted and sourced.
To simply list everything he does in that clip: - Excuses Bads actions multiple times - Accuses Foolish of being a terrible human being - Calls Foolish "greedy" for not letting him have a huge chunk of his summer home for free - Guilt trips him - Threatens him for land - Attempts to blackmail him for a statue - He wanted the original copy of the book with Bad's death threat to Foolish, meaning that he was probably going to either burn it or keep it so that Foolish has no claim against Bad. - Physically hits him multiple times - Acts dumb on purpose multiple times - Talks over him multiple times - Implies multiple times that he isn't loyal to Foolish - Tries to test him multiple times
And here is just some of those things transcripted below:
[Skeppy gasps] "Can you build a statue of me?"
"Wait- Why would I build a statue of you?"
"Because, if you don't, I'm going to keep telling Bad to do whatever he's doing on the highest scale. And then he's going to keep doing it-"
"-And then he's going to take your property. So it's either that or you build a structure of me."
And this;
"Yknow what- I kinda see what Bad's saying, but I don't wanna go against you just yet..." [Skeppy]
"What do you mean? WAIT WHAT?"
"I'm not- I'm not- I'm not going to go against you."
"I'm with you, I'm with you." [Skeppy punches Foolish]
"How are you even contemplating going against me?-"
"What am I gonna do, when nighttime comes around, and I'm all cold, and there's monsters, like- What do you want me to do?"
And this;
"Alright yknow what, I accept." [Skeppy, agreeing to foolish's deal that he can have a tower too]
"Just so we have everything clear, it's still my land. It's your tower to use, you can do what you want with it, but like..."
"Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, uh huh yeah, yeahyeahyeah Makes sense. Yeah. Yup." [Talking over him]
"Are you listening to me?"
"Yes, yeah."
[Skeppy throws down the copy of the book of Bad's death threat]
"Give me land bitch."
tl;dr: im tired this took four hours to write basically they're immoral assholes that are also hypocrites and only care about themselves they r not good people stop saying they r k thank u
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2021.10.18 06:14 Rumpatump Remade made Ikki's wallpaper

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2021.10.18 06:14 faikyu some recent volumes .. i need to stop buying random volumes

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2021.10.18 06:14 pedantichoe Pumpkin carving for our favorite bridge runners!

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Ethos is famous for the fun events we host. Some of these events include naked (in-game most times) fight nights, dueling championships with rewards, costume parties, and guild house competitions. We’ll also have dedicated crafters gathers, and many other support roles, so fear not anyone and everyone will have a place in Ethos!
The launch was a bit shaky for us here at Ethos. We were on a Syndicate dominated server and worst of all: fought the queue boss. However, I am pleased to say that we've been able to balance out the server, and more of our members are able to join us with the upcoming server transfers.
The question is not whether Ethos will be a foundational guild in New World - the question is whether or not you want to be a part of our adventure. If you’re interested, feel free to apply, or go ahead and DM me on here.
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How many members are in Ethos? Right now we’re sitting out around 130 members.
How old is Ethos? Ethos has come by many different names but has been around in one form or another for the past 4 years.
What time zone does Ethos operate out of? We operate out of every US time zone, but a majority of us are EST
Is Ethos the best New World company out there? Obviously :))
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2021.10.18 06:14 ZoolShop Britney Spears gleefully rides motorbike amid reports she will give tell all interview

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2021.10.18 06:14 Defiant_Ad6071 Settle my mind😂

So my ex and I last had sex 35 days ago we got a test this morning and it was negative but when she got home tonight she was peeing and after she was peeing there was blood. It’s not her period because she’s on depo and she said after a bunch of blood came out she stoped. So do I buy another test or what?
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2021.10.18 06:14 jayrocc_ Ramp Agent Position

Hey. I am about to receive a start date for a Ramp Agent position and I still have some questions. Any ramp agents here that I could PM with questions? Thanks.
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2021.10.18 06:14 Gold-Towel8513 Maybe Maybe Maybe

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2021.10.18 06:14 Pasha00911 Trying to buy 3D printer

I decided to buy 3d printer, any recommendation for the printer around 600CAD(480USD)?)
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2021.10.18 06:14 1FatGoldfish Tell me what u think !

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2021.10.18 06:14 TheOlCondor MAJOR COLLAB TAPE

i am currently conceptualising an idea to create an album with as many small rappers and hip hop artists as possible. in the hopes that it pushes each person into exposure through each artists promotion. please message me if you’re down
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2021.10.18 06:14 kerrwheil BSED Major in Social Science or BA in Political Science?

Background: I'm an upcoming college student with an interest in Politics and Social Science. Unto to main question. A friend of mine said PolSci daw dito sa PH is "sh*t" and I should lower my expectations. Tapos it's treated as a pre-law daw and less of a Degree on it's own.
Question ko lang po, is which should I choose? What I want kase is to learn and go to school because I am interested in what I am learning (which is Politics and the Disciplines of Social Science). Basically I'm asking po which would be more enjoyable for me. I don't plan on using my Degree as I have other career prospects ( family business ) pero I would be open to teaching.
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2021.10.18 06:14 remlutupse Koh Gen Do Cosmetics Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Koh Gen Do Cosmetics Coupon Code Reddit
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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2021.10.18 06:14 half_capped What’s the weirdest question you were asked in a work interview?

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2021.10.18 06:14 Dazzling_Nectarine34 It’s funny. It’s funny right.

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2021.10.18 06:14 _kathartic_ PHD in Public Health

Hello! Has anyone of you enrolled in DrPH, or probably finished the program already? Do you have any university recommendations where to best apply for it? Thank you!
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2021.10.18 06:14 DemonMakoto New to this game, why can´t i use healing abilities? (give me tips please)

from the bunch of first characters that arrive, there´s a woman that can pressumably heal, but i don´t know how. Besides that, any tips? i can´t really understand what abilities do to be honest. Is there like a way to see details on specific abilities?
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2021.10.18 06:14 prOboomer GENERATION X ON THE LEFT

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2021.10.18 06:14 Alucard_Kenway Should I swap my defender?

So, I recently pulled Moon Rabbit Cookie by pure luck with a single cookie cutter and I've seen her in many teams through all the tiers I've been through in the arena (Currently at Crystal 2) I've been thinking about replacing my Strawberry Crepe Cookie with another defender (MRC seems like a good option), I love her and she helped me a lot both in PVE and PVP but lately she gets yeeted too fast even though she's at a decent level I usually have this team for all stages Front: Mala sauce (3 stars) and Strawberry Crepe (1 Star) Middle: Squid Ink Rear: Chocolate Mint and Twizzly Gummy I would love some advice since it would be kinda expensive to do this and I'm at a point where the Exp jellies are kinda scarce (I'm F2P btw) Thanks in advance! :D
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