We need names.

2021.10.18 05:19 primerr69 We need names.

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2021.10.18 05:19 NichijouAiko Nezuko

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2021.10.18 05:19 jackgrapes Brainstorming

I have a dog with a neurological issue and he can’t stand or walk, only lots of wiggles. I typically put him outside and he will roll around and potty in the grass, but with the rain coming it’s not ideal to stick him in wet grass to get soaking wet daily. Any ideas for keeping a patch of grass dry for him?
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2021.10.18 05:19 Main_City Selling genshin impact account AR 55 with Jean Skin

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2021.10.18 05:19 mrbeefthighs Roadkill

I fucking hate deer. Rats with hooves as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had those mangy creatures hit my car THREE times! That’s right, they hit ME, not the other way around.
The first time it happened I was driving down the interstate in Northern Minnesota. It had just stopped raining and the sun was starting to peek over the clouds. I was blasting ABBA, singing head off and nibbling on some Twizzlers when out of nowhere my driver’s side window exploded showering me in broken glass. Out of instinct I jerked my hands to my face letting the wheel chart its own course on the wet highway. I pulled my hands off my eyes when I hit the guardrail. I had taken my foot off the gas, so I wasn’t going fast when I hit it, but it was enough to take the paint off the passenger’s side of my car. I looked in the rearview mirror to see a doe shakily get to its feet, fall, rise again and trot off into the wilderness. She was definitely concussed. Cost me $5k to fix my car; the deer didn’t chip in.
The worst part about hitting, or being hit, by a deer is telling people about it. Every single person makes the exact same jokes. “Did you hang its head on your wall?...did you get any meat off of it?” Eventually you stop telling people just so you don’t have to pretend to laugh.
The second time a deer hit me was two nights ago.
Wyoming this time. Just like in Minnesota except worse. Somewhere between Cheyanne and Rock Springs, but there’s not a chance in hell I could tell you exactly where I was.
Like I said, it was night. I was flying down the highway crushing podcasts and nibbling on Twizzlers. I’d been driving southwest through Wyoming for nearly 5 hours at that point and had only seen 3 other cars the entire time which was a bit eerie but most of the state is just wasteland so I’m not sure why I was feeling a bit uneasy about the situation, it’s not like there’s anything to bring people out here.
Just like last time, the driver’s side window exploded, only this time the fucker that came through the window had a little present for me, his antlers. One of his points wedged right up under my chin and nearly went through my jaw. Another point lacerated my face from below my left ear up to my forehead, another dug deep into my armpit and an untold number completely eviscerated the jacket I was wearing. I slammed on the breaks and the change in momentum tried to pull the beast out of my window but the antlers caught on the ceiling of cab and I heard a sickening pop as the deer’s neck snapped. I carried the animal’s corpse another 50 feet before the car came to a stop.
I was bleeding and so was the deer, its blood pooling in the cupholder near the base of the driver-side door. I guess it was the shock, but I just kind of sat there for a while looking at the blood, my jacket and the damage to my car. I only snapped out of it when my podcast started playing an incredibly annoying advertisement from Trolli gummi worms. I shut off podcast, crawled over the center console and out of the passenger’s side door leaving a trail of hot blood behind me.
I don’t know if you’ve been out in the middle of nowhere, but that’s where I was. I’m not talking about some little farming community that has a house every mile or so, or a run-down little town that’s been deteriorating since a new highway diverted traffic away from them. I’m talking about being stranded in the middle of an ocean of wasteland. The no-one can hear you scream, Oregon trail type middle of nowhere. I’ve never been anywhere so dark in all my life. It was a cloudy night and even the stars were blotted out. I scanned the black horizon all around me hoping to find some source of light but I had no luck.
I walked around to the driver’s side and pulled the animal out of my car window and dragged it off to the side of the road near my passenger door. It smelled of dirt, feces and the hot metallic odor of blood. I might have been smelling my blood now that I think of it. Its neck was stretched at an unnatural angle and blood still trickled out of its neck and head. Much of its fur on its left side was gone, rubbed down to a bloody mess from road rash. I knew it was dead, it wasn’t breathing, but I still knelt next to it and placed my hand on its side to feel for a heartbeat. Nothing. Well, good riddance.
I got back in my car and did an inventory on myself. I was hurt, but it wouldn’t be fatal as long as I cleaned my wounds up a bit. I found a first aid kit in my trunk and bandaged myself up, then I cleaned the blood and broken glass up as much as I could. My car was an absolute mess. Even after the clean up it reeked of blood and red and brown stains covered much of the driver’s side of the cabin. The driver-side window was completely missing, the windshield was cracked. The driver’s door had been bent so badly in the accident it wouldn’t open so I had to crawl in and out of the passenger’s door. This was going to cost me a small fortune to fix. Might be cheaper in the to just get a new car.
Once I was cleaned and composed, I formed a game plan in my head. Drive to the next service station, drop the car off then get a taxi to a hotel. I started the car and slowly rolled past the dead deer and continued my journey through the desolate Wyoming wasteland.
This is where it gets a little bit unbelievable. Not five minutes later the same thing happens. Well, not exactly the same, but close enough. Out of nowhere a deer flies out of the darkness to my left and, I swear, it dives straight into my wheel well. I lost control of the car and entered into a tailspin that ended with a violent slam in the ditch on the side of the road. That was the third time a deer had hit me.
I had never been so mad in all my life. My car sat at a 45-degree angle in the ditch with the passenger’s side angled towards the earth so I couldn’t open the door on that side either. I had to crawl into the back seat and get out the rear driver’s side door to survey the damage. I’ll save you the specifics, but just know that car wasn’t going anywhere. Not only was it completely stuck, but an axel was busted. Even if I got it out of the ditch I was still stranded. I never found the deer that time. Granted, I had spun out over a distance of 100 feet or so and I couldn’t see further than 20 in the darkness so it was probably off dying in the darkness.
I pulled out my phone to call 911 and guess what, no service. I’d have to wait and flag down a passing car for rescue. I wasn’t scared or worried about my survival at that point. I had food and a few bottles of water. I was just mad. I screamed into the night, nothing specfic, just a primal scream into the blackness that enveloped me. It felt good for a moment but the silence that followed sent a chill down my spine. I crawled back into the car, turned on the hazards and lay down in the back seat. Goosebumps now accompanied that chill.
I had spent a lot of my life camping around this country. Everywhere from Minnesota to Florida to Arizona and Oregon. Every place you go has its own sonic signature, its own smells and noises and bumps in the night. Wind blowing through trees in Oregon. Loon calls in Minnesota. Cicadas in Florida. Even the eerie symphony of yelps from coyotes in the Sonoran Desert could be comforting at times, but never in my life had I heard such silence I was hearing then out in the Wyoming wasteland. My Boy Scout leader growing up taught us to listen to these noises and learn what we could from them. Cricket chirps could tell you the temperature. Birds were mostly mating calls. Coyotes could be howling to claim their territory or to signal food to the pack. Our scout leader taught us to appreciate these things, to learn how the ecosystem works with a million different moving parts, but he also taught us about silence and silence was bad. Silence meant every single thing in the area shut the fuck up because they were afraid something nearby was going to eat them. Silence in the animal world meant hide as quickly as you can and something instinctual deep inside me was screaming at me to do the same, so I hid as best I could.
The backseat of that car felt more and more like a coffin each and every minute. The overwhelming silence gave way to a ringing in my straining ears. The complete and utter darkness of my surroundings pressed down on the car giving the impression of being at the bottom of the ocean. I’ve never felt so claustrophobic in such a wide-open landscape. I’m not sure how long I laid there listening to the silence and imagining a bear crawling in thru the smashed window (are there bears in Wyoming?), but at some point, I remembered I had road flares in the trunk.
I crawled back into the driver’s seat and popped the trunk then crawled out of the shattered window and onto the pavement of the road. My hazard lights flashed illuminating a radius of 20 feet around the car in yellow light in short bursts. My traitorous mind told me any second one of these bursts of light would reveal a pack of wolves salivating in the brush at their next meal or some or some other worldly eldritch horror, but I pressed on. I opened the trunk and grabbed the flares, then realized I had no idea how to ignite them. I crouched next to the car to use the flashing hazards as light to read the nearly illegible black-on-red instructions printed on the side of the flare when I heard a crunch from the brush out in the blackness. My heart skipped a beat and I sat in silence listening. Crunch. Another one. Crunch. Footsteps. Crunch. My heart was in my throat as each crunch shattered the silence around me getting closer and closer with each breath. My hands were shaking as I pulled the cap off the first flare. Crunch. I dropped the flare. Crunch. I pulled the cap off the second. Crunch, closer now. I scrapped the business end of the flare against the igniter and red sparks leapt from the end of it with a hiss.
The flare, with its 50-foot radius of red light, revealed what was making the crunch. Deer. There were about 20 of them surrounding my car on all sides. When revealed by the light they quickly scurried back to the edge of the light and into the protection of the darkness. They started stomping and snorting and wheezing just outside the circle of red light. Circling me like sharks.
“What the fuck is happening?” I thought, “Am I really about to get eaten alive by deer?” I actually laughed at this. Deer could be dangerous. Their hooves are sharp and they can, and do, hurt people sometimes, but deer aren’t vengeful. They don’t seek out quarry and kill for fun. They don’t eat people. I could just sit in the backseat of the car and be safe. Besides it seems like they don’t like the road flares and I had a few more with me. Then I saw it.
Scurrying with the other deer in the far reaches of the available light was a badly injured deer. Bloodied and limping. Flesh hung from its antlers and its head hung at an unnatural angle. Its neck was broken. It was the deer I had hit earlier. I know that sounds nuts, but it was. Same injuries, broken neck, road rash covering the left side, legs in bad shape. I know it was the same animal. The deer, as if noticing my acknowledgement of it, stepped into the red circle of light, braving what the other deer were too afraid to do. Then as if inspired by their mangled leader the other deer did the same. Slowly the circle they made around me grew smaller and smaller as they walked, slowly, closer and closer to me. I nearly shit myself. I grabbed the unlit flare that I dropped and jumped back into the rear seats of the car.
I watched as the deer marched on slowly, surrounding the car. I couldn’t see anything out of the windows but the faces of deer looking in on me, their eyes reflecting the red light of the flare. One deer jumped up on the hood of the car and looked in at me through the windshield. Another seemed to be tap dancing on the roof. Everywhere I looked another face looked back at me. Then suddenly, the flare I left outside died, and again I was enveloped by complete and total darkness.
Nearly every window on my car shattered at once sending those familiar little diamonds of shattered glass spraying everywhere on the inside of my car. The deer pounded the door, hood and roof with their hooves bellowing angrily into the night as they did it. The car rocked as I curled up into a ball and sunk down to the floor of the car trying to avoid their sharp hooves, snapping mouths and deadly antlers that waved in through the windows as they attacked the car from all sides. I could feel the short bursts of air from their snorts and grunts as they exerted themselves with each attack. I closed my eyes and screamed as loud as I could, truly scared for my life for the first time, then…silence.
I opened my eyes again. In the brief flashes of the hazard lights, I could see the deer had gone. As if in an instant they had just disappeared into thin air. I popped the second flare while still hunched in the backseat and threw it out the window and into the brush. There was nothing out there.
I had another 5 minutes of light left from the road flare I had just thrown out into brush, I had to decide how to use my precious little light. I decided to risk a trip back to the trunk to get the 3-remaining flare. 15 mins of light is better than 5.
I paused a moment, listening to air and scanning the landscape then made a break for it. I exploded out of the car, ran back to the trunk, pulled it and it wouldn’t open. The deer had battered the car so badly the trunk would no longer open. I pulled harder. I punched it, I yelled at it, I tried everything I could think of and it still wouldn’t budge. Then the flare went out. The darkness hugged me. I turned to make my way back around the side of the car, holding my breath, and was stopped dead when I saw the deer with the broken neck standing in front of my car. I should have made a break for the one working door, or dove through a window, but I was frozen in fear. The hazards blinked and the deer was closer, a small trail of blood marking its route. The hazards blinked again and it was standing next to the driver side door. A low rumbling groan was coming from deep within the already dead animal. The hazards blinked again and it was standing directly in front of me. The dead deer and I stared at each other for a moment that felt like an eternity. The only sounds were my heavy breathing and small trickles of blood that dripped from the animal’s decimated body. The deer rose up on its back two legs and met me eye to eye for a brief moment before headlights appeared on the horizon.
The deer dropped back down on four legs, limped back to the front of my car and collapsed on the ground, dead.
The car pulled up next to the wreckage of my car moments later.
“Holy hell, look at that car! What happened?” the driver shouted over his stereo.
“I…uh, hit a deer,” I shouted back, “Can you give me a ride?”
“Yeah, sure buddy, hop in,” said the other driver. The man behind the wheel turned down his stereo and pointed to the deer lying dead in the road and chuckled, “Say do you think you could get any meat off of him?”
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2021.10.18 05:19 Avenue_Ave Is it just me who hates the nasty blue-ish green tone of the arkham series? Imo it would look so much better if it were a little more vibrant. I get that it fits the tone of the game but it’s so…. gross..

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2021.10.18 05:19 Meteostar [Update] Headless Headhuntress (+1 Cost)

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2021.10.18 05:19 CrosbysVlogs Massachusetts visit to Province Town USA Altitude flight around the Pilg...

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2021.10.18 05:19 EdeliSimp2 Test

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2021.10.18 05:19 MinawaTube Is NOW the best chance to enter Thailand ? 2021-2022 #Thailand #Bangkok...

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2021.10.18 05:19 RedditCanEatMyCunt I wonder if the dead internet theory is a major reason for mutual partisan hatred.

I mean, if everyone is a bot, then where are the consequences? You can be as hateful as you want to anyone you disagree with. They are just bots, right? Not real people with real feelings, with real hearts who have faced love and loss just like you. Then it spills over into real life. It is easy to see a trans person as nonhuman, a homeless person as nonhuman, that person on even so much as a slightly different degree on the political spectrum as you as nonhuman. They are all bots, this mindset is what makes it so easy to see others as NPCs and you are the hero of the game, the One, Neo or the Highlander take your pick. But no, we are all very real. And there are real karmic consequences to dehumanizing other people. The real reason there is so much judgement on the world, not primarily because of the 1%, but because of all of us together and how utterly horrid we are to each other.
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2021.10.18 05:19 WhiskeyBoot224 I get a lot of anxiety over bf being “busy”

I’m 20/F. He’s a bit older, but not by much. I do trust him, but I have some minor trust issues in general and as a result, I fear sometimes that he’s only saying he’s busy so he won’t hurt my feelings, and secretly I feel as if he doesn’t love nor want me anymore. We aren’t really officially “together” anymore but we talk to each other like we are. We still we love each other, still flirt, and he’s even admitted he still has feelings. So this situation just confuses me. We met 4 years ago.
I’ve brought it up to him before, and he told me that he is definitely still into me. He just doesn’t like being on his phone that much, and has a hectic schedule, which he works in medical so it makes sense. He seems to be so busy he loses track of time, because before he knows it, it’s 2 AM again and I very much relate to that feeling.
But my brain keeps trying to tell me he doesn’t love me anymore. I get so much anxiety when he’s gone for too long, and I’m scared I’m more committed to him than he is to me. That our relationship was never as special for him, as it was for me. But when he comes back from being busy, and even just a text from him, it makes my entire day.
He’s been busier this time of year the past few years, but before he’s never gone more than a day without texting me back, which I’m trying to be understanding, and focus on some of my own goals, but the last week or so it’s becoming 1 text every other day or so and I’m sort of low-key worried he just won’t ever come back, even though I don’t think he would do that to me.
But idk I guess I’m just venting because it bothers me so much when he’s busy like this. I want him to be happy, and I told him one day:,
“Babes, now is your chance to leave me, before I lock you in my jar of love forever. You’ll get fresh newspapers everyday though, to use the bathroom, if you stay.”
And he responded: “I very much do enjoy having newspapers to poop on.”
Which I took as him saying “Don’t worry, I love you, now give me my newspaper.”
He still says he loves me too, when I say it first.
Is it illogical at this point to think he just is avoiding hurting my feelings? To think he is lying to “protect” me? About loving me? Like, it would be easier to deal with if I could see him all the time, but as it currently stands, I’ve only been able to meet him once in the entirety of four years. Every fiber in my body tries to tell me he secretly hates and resents me though. :(
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2021.10.18 05:19 Krishiee What product actually worked for you as advertised?

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2021.10.18 05:19 Paesh321 What bird made this nest? Found in southern US (GA). It’s very small, about the size of a tangerine.

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2021.10.18 05:19 shhocktart [LF] to catalogue all colors of antique, rattan, and imperial furniture [FT] bells, star frags, let me know what you need :)

I’ve got a lot of the potted plants if you’d like to cat those too!
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2021.10.18 05:19 Queen-Emilia What are these points giving you, is that XP or what?

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2021.10.18 05:19 PinBenBoi98 After a whole irl week of coming home and fishing my luck finally turned around and I was able to finally craft Terra-Boots and even got a first roll menacing

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2021.10.18 05:19 thedimondminerz Is the Dragon Ball Z manga Box Set out of print or out of stock?Because I haven’t seen this in stock for months now

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2021.10.18 05:19 PokemonFucker-69 Should i take that as compliment?lol.

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2021.10.18 05:19 madethisacforthiss 23 [M4F] Friends? Smoke bud?

Hey there young fit guy from the south shore. Looking to meet and talk with new people. I have some pics on my profile (nsfw) if you're interested. I'm 5'8 and 135 pounds. Brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 420 friendly and open minded. Hit me up and let's talk!
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2021.10.18 05:19 SauceyTacos Whole set of Kerokerokeroppi items to the first commenter! Must be ready for immediate delivery!

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2021.10.18 05:19 rand0mTriangle Typical Australian gift from friends coming to live here..?

I have some dear friends coming to live in Sydney very soon. I was thinking to welcome them with a "funny" items basket. Like a snake bite kit, vegemite, and a book about Aussie slang. Is there anything else (possibly not food related) that I could add in? anyone has any ''typical'' Australian / funny items to recommend? :) Thanks!
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2021.10.18 05:19 YungEmperor79 Oval in France. Infield was largely inspired by Indianapolis in a reversed fashion

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2021.10.18 05:19 immadigan94 New friend needed for task!!!

3648 9789 0802 add me please!
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2021.10.18 05:19 FutureMetal444 Summoning BABYMETAL’s return.

Anyone ever stop and considering that BABYMETAL literally supplied us with items to pray for the seal to break well before they announced the seal? We have chocolate scented PRAYER candles, we have tarrot cards as of recent as well so we can try and predict that future, ya know? We have the BABYMETAL bible (sorta. it’s that binder where the first book is genesis). So who’s gonna be the first to attempt to conjure BABYMETAL’s return? are we holding a pizza party for this oooor?
Also don’t forget it doesn’t work unless you’re wearing a neck brace and the Hooded Towel…any of them will do…pick one. The Legend S thing will also work.
*this is a joke. i think…. #notacult
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