Back to back walk-off wins call for another low effort meme!!

2021.10.18 05:53 strugglingrapper Back to back walk-off wins call for another low effort meme!!

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2021.10.18 05:53 Key_Wind_2580 Tallies

Is tallying a new thing or is that normal? Just heard a coworker say we need to keep a tally sheet for new sign ups/no number and no as a response to “are you a member?” That’s such bs to me. I’m already dealing with long lines and average about 1 new sign up an hr.
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2021.10.18 05:53 Emergency_Hat9909 Kabuto dumbest moves during the Ninja War were bringing Sasori the puppet master without any Puppets and not using Deidara as a C0 Spammer

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2021.10.18 05:53 NekoBR POV: you bought a Neko Maid from area 51.

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2021.10.18 05:53 a2h1sh Safemoon is like Reddit of Crypto

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2021.10.18 05:53 R3lentless1 it Time yet? I Have not Been Following. Still on my NEO Wallet

Im thinking about just selling it all. Got it for free during the swap but....this thing is a really poor performer....amidst my BTC, ETH, Polygon, Solana, and Polkadot.
Hell even when i had NEO, FLM performed like garbage then too.
Ive had this since the beginning and it really hasnt done too much overall.
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2021.10.18 05:53 bootysniffer69666 Is it true that stiiizy wax pens can cause collapsed lungs?

Friend at work told me he knows of someone who got collapsed lungs from smoking stiiizy carts.... Is that even possible?!!
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2021.10.18 05:53 Kniit Tried everything and cannot get into Bios

I've had my new pc for a few months now. I had this problem since the beginning when I went to change the RAM speed and couldn't reset to Bios or spam the Del key in restart. I had to unplug my m.2 and turn it on without the hard drive plugged in. That was the only way I could get into the BIOS.
I'm currently trying to get into my bios to turn on TPM for windows 11. Things I have tried: -Holding shift and selecting restart, Trouble shoot, Restart to UEFI firmware settings = just restarting windows normally. -restarting the computer and spamming delete as fast as I can the entire time = loading windows normally. I've even tried holding delete down the whole time as well. -downloading app centre - downloading fast boot - selecting Launch UEFI = computer restarting and loading windows normally.
Specs are Gigabyte Z590M gaming X, 16 gb ram, 11600k, Samsung SSD 970 evo plus 1TB, 960 GPU (lol). So all modern components minus the GPU. Also I've never installed drivers or whatever for the motherboard. Thought people said to avoid that if possible?
I've scoured the internet for solutions and have found nothing. Fast boot in app centre also reckons that Fast boot is disabled on the MB. Maybe its a setting on the BIOS that I need to change? So I might have to unplug the M.2 and change it. Thanks for your time guys.
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2021.10.18 05:53 ImNotReallyANerd What scene from your favorite show or film causes you to look away every time?

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2021.10.18 05:53 IamVenom_007 A meme from 2010

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2021.10.18 05:53 CallMehSparky Made my Roblox avatar in GC cuz I literally have nothing to do

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2021.10.18 05:53 NUMBerONEisFIRST (35/M) - The various times I've been prescribed prescription pain killers were also the only times in my life that I've felt relief from anxiety, stress, and felt what I would consider 'normal'. Can a medical professional review my situation and provide me some clarity please? (more info in post)

I'm a 35M.
About 150lbs
I'm prescribed:

Around the age of 20 I got my first decent job out of college in a factory. The constant standing on pavement for long shifts started to give me very bad back pain. My doctor prescribed my Vicodin (5mg) for about 2 years straight and then cut me off cold turkey because I refused to go to pain management.
After being off of the pain killers for almost 3 years, I was diagnosed with ADD at 23 years old. Which explained my horrible grades through school, as well as my forgetfulness and lack of motivation.
There were 2 times that I was prescribed prescription pain killers between the ages of 23 and 32. Each time was for about 30-60 days.
In hindsight, as well as when I was on them, not only did I feel relief from my anxiety, but it also made me realize how much anxiety I deal with daily. It also made me more social, more motivated, and just felt an overall feeling of being at peace.
A couple of years ago, I moved out of state for a really good job, and I found a really good doctor in the area. He had no problem continuing my ADD medication, but when I brought up my back pain, he was only willing to give me Tramadol, which is very weak and doesn't really even help my pain, let alone the anxiety and uneasy feelings. I thought he was understanding enough to explain the above to him, and explained that the pain killers do more for me than just take physical pain away. They help me and my mind relax. I didn't stress out over things on them, I just got stuff done. I didn't avoid going places when I was on pain pills because I wouldn't psych myself out, nor did I feel as overwhelmed with normal responsibilities.
Whether because of the law, or because of his personal opinion, he wasn't having it. He said he would continue my prescription of Tramadol (50mg) but wouldn't do anything more. Different state than before, but I was again told I had to go to pain management.
I'm already dealing with an Endocrinologist from my recent lab tests showing my testosterone levels being around 114, and super high prolactin. The doctor thinks it might be a prolactinoma (noncancerous tumor of the pituitary gland). I go for an MRI this week.
That being said, Ive been having to pay a lot of money recently for lab work, tests, and now this MRI. Plus the cost of my current medication. I don't really understand why my PCP isn't willing to increase my pain meds to anything more than the Tramadol, when I'm already established with him.
I feel that this is a quality-of-life issue that I'm dealing with, and drug abusers in the past have complicated or blocked me from getting the treatment that has proven to work for me. I feel that going to pain management is only going to cost me more money, and they will want to do anything and everything instead of prescribing pain killers. I'm not an addict. I never abused the pain killers when I was prescribed. I've tried Xanax for my anxiety before, and I hated it. It made my ADD symptoms worse, I was very forgetful, and I felt so sluggish. I also still had anxiety on them, and it didnt make me feel at ease in the least.
At this point I feel like I'm out of options. I am in legit pain too. I have a bad knee (both grandparents on my dad's side, as well as my dad, all had knee replacement surgery, and I have chronic lower pack pain as well. My 12-hour shifts doing strenuous work and heavy lifting also doesn't help my pain at all.
Can a medical professional please provide their opinion on my situation please, and let me know if there are any options available for me? It's just so frustrating that the doctor wont hear me out or take my concerns or ideas seriously. Is my doctor just stubborn/extra cautious, or do I just sound like a crazy person? I feel so lost with all of this.

Thank you for your time.
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2021.10.18 05:53 Outsideyourboxes Help me find a Queen (6'2"--215 pounds)

Moving into a new apartment soon and looking for a queen. I'm a side sleeper, mostly, but can also sleep on my back from time to time. (Combo sleeper I guess).
I'm ideally looking for a bed in a box. I also have access to a Costco membership, so can take advantage of that if need be. I am looking for something that has support, but nothing too hard. (The softer, without being useless -- the better).
My budget is $1000 max, but ideally would like to find something in the sub $800 range.
Anyway help would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.18 05:53 oanayahsa looking for: phoenixes

build your offer, but please, make it fair. these items below are only for phoenixes, nothing else
-silly duck (no pot untouched)
-drake (junior)
-ghost bunny
-5 kirins
-frost fury (teen, fly. only for 4 phoenixes, i will add dw)
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2021.10.18 05:53 Mr-Osmosis Hey, I’ve had trouble downloading pygame on my windows pc and haven’t been able to use it. Can someone tell me how to download it or give a link to a good tutorial on how to download it?

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2021.10.18 05:53 _pengwyn [Wallpaper] City - 4 new wallpapers added (2160x4680)

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2021.10.18 05:53 holup6 caught this dude in 4K commenting u/savevideo on a post that shows gay roblox p*rn

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2021.10.18 05:53 GamerPanda437 Facts

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2021.10.18 05:53 Isleepalottbh What’s something you wouldn’t pay more for if you were a million dollars richer?

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2021.10.18 05:53 dabpolice10016 i know it bad but it the best i could do

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2021.10.18 05:53 Local-Cat-564 Should you ignore your gfs past if she loves you enough?

If your gf is honest enough and cares about you is that enough to ignore her past no matter how “colorful” it is?
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2021.10.18 05:53 blxshiiturner This was supposed going to be a outfit for my new main oc, but the result was sh**. So I'm giving it away. Just color to your personal taste or I don't know.

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2021.10.18 05:53 bolhadechiclete Hoje meu aniversário, a vida cada vez mais cinza

Hoje é meu aniversário de 22 anos, e gostaria de desabafar hoje aqui como TUDO na vida vai mudando, ou então apenas a nossa percepção sobre o TUDO.
Eu pensei nisso hoje, especificamente, porque senti falta de amigos e familiares, que estão longe por conta da pandemia. Mas também pelos os que se foram...
Mas carrego um dilema que eu tenho pensado há anos, sendo ele:
A vida vai ficando sem graça quando crescemos, e tudo vai perdendo a magia, porque temos responsabilidades e temos que sobreviver a cada dia, tornando o "viver" muito mais uma obrigação do que um prazedádiva?
Ou então
Será que NADA tem magia, e na verdade tudo o que pensamos e temos expectativas, quando somos novos, é na verdade uma mera ilusão e imaginação/fantasia infantil da realidade que nos cerca?
Eu percebo isso quando ao passar dos anos as datas foram perdendo o valor, meu aniversário eu chego até a esquecer. A minha festinha de aniversário cada vez mais cinza. Os Natais não são mais os mesmos, ano novo apenas me deixa bolado com os barulho dos fogos. E na páscoa os ovos estão quase 100 reais.
Usei as datas porque acho que é de fácil relação e identificação com vocês, para que entendam melhor o meu ponto.
Só sei que a vida cada vez parece mais cinza, em geral mesmo (não estou depressivo, nem nada disso na minha análise).
Conforme ficamos mais velhos a vida vai se tornando mais cinza pela dificuldade de vivê-la, ou, na verdade, ela sempre foi cinza e a gente só passa a conhecê-la de verdadeiramente?
Ou então é a MINHA vida que está nesse caminho apenas, e eu estou generalizando?
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2021.10.18 05:53 SweetOk2120 I am applying from Chile as an American Citizen and I have a question

I don't have a dollar in my pocket, so hypothetically if I get accepted to a graduate school and get scholarships + a federal loan, do I still need any money saved to pay part of the tuition?
Sorry if I didn't explain myself, but I'm anxious about this.
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2021.10.18 05:53 lawriejaffa Beaten Up by Neighbour - What to do? Concerned About Escalation. Scotland

I was taking photographs at the back of my flat, in a communal area, accessible through front entrances and exits via the ground floor, on each adjoining building. I was accompanied by two friends, one of which was a woman. I was taking photographs of my friend and the woman, who were wearing period costumes.
As we discussed ideas for photographs, at the exit leading to the communal area of one such building, a resident emerged from their door, and confronted us as to our purpose for being there. I explained, that I lived on the street, and that we were taking photographs of my friends in costume. The resident thought it was 'suspicious' and challenged, why we should be there at all, and demanded that we leave. The resident appeared to be mentally disturbed, and began to behave in a threatening manner, (clenching fists, stepping up closely towards me).
Concerned by the risk of escalation, my friend suggested we leave, which we did. We exited the nearby doorway leading into the communal area, and began setting up for our photograph. After about 30 seconds the resident emerged out of the building and confronted us in the communal area. They claimed this was their property and that we had no right to be there. The resident, is in fact a council tenant. Again, I attempted to assure the resident, that I too was a resident (and in fact, the space I occupied was in fact the rear area of my own home). The resident insisted that I disclose my actual address number, which I did not out of concern for his increasingly violent demeanor.
In an attempt to deescalate the situation, I began to film myself on my phone, telling the resident that I had a right to film there. On that video, the resident clenches his fist, and shouts at me. My friend, who is some 5 meters away pleads with the resident to calm down, and to assure him that we'll leave.
The resident, can be seen clenching his fist, pulling it back, then striking me with full strength in the ribs. The impact, in fact caused substantial injury, winding me. Pinned against the wall, of the communal area, the resident began punching my head, 3 times. The woman who was with us, called out for help, while my friend sought to pull the resident off me. As he touched the resident, my friend was attacked also, and struck on the head violently.
The woman, fled to my apartment, while I observed that my friend had escaped through the exit of the building and was heading towards the entrance. In the meantime I rushed towards my own apartment, where all 3 of us regrouped. We could hear the resident outside, attempting to pursue us - while searching for us, shouting.
Upon observation of our injuries, I had considerable pain around the ribs where I was punched, necessitating a visit to the hospital the next day. In addition to visible injuries to my head, while my friend who was punched to the side of the head showed substantial bruising and swelling. The woman, who was not physically attacked, was forced to flee under threat of violence, and shouting. She, and my friend were emotionally distressed by the incident.
I called the police, and they took our personal statements. They informed us that the evidence was overwhelming. They would take in a day or two, the suspect into custody, and charge him. After which the suspect would be told, not to harass us, pending a court date (which would occur at an estimated 12 - 18 months time).
Concerns :

What can I do?
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