I spent a few hours generating images in Wombo for each Genshin character (Mondstadt Characters)

2021.12.01 04:00 OnceUponANugget I spent a few hours generating images in Wombo for each Genshin character (Mondstadt Characters)

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2021.12.01 04:00 tommycahil1995 'Fallout is Anti-Communist!' - Anti-SJWs Miss the Clear Satire of Fallout and Simp For Liberty Prime

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2021.12.01 03:59 kr0mbopulosm1ke Dan Poole for a “Classic Spider-Man” variant in the MCU. This was my first Spider-Man movie and he deserves more recognition.

Dan Poole for a “Classic Spider-Man” variant in the MCU. This was my first Spider-Man movie and he deserves more recognition. submitted by kr0mbopulosm1ke to Spiderman [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 03:59 HummusHHound Is the FED going to kill the fun?? Crypto Market Update and Investing Report 11.30

Overview · Market Update
· Market Insight
· Major Market News
· Notable Events
· NOOBIES: What is web 3.0?

Market Update · Bitcoin (BTC) is down 1.36% after a strong early morning move to 59k that was later quelled by Fed Reserve comments.
· Total Market Cap (TOTAL) is flat -.21% despite the drawdown in Bitcoin.
· Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) plunged -1.75% showing that investors are still showing confidence in altcoins despite the negative news surrounding Omnicron and Fed tapering.
· Metaverse projects are showing signs of cooling off.
o MANA -4%
o SAND -4%
o DVI -8%
o WILD -16%
o POLC -12.5%

· Stacks (STX) the bitcoin smart contract protocol, is showing strength today + 33%. This was covered in various past reports as a beneficiary of the taproot upgrade in bitcoin.
· Terra (LUNA) is up 15.88% today bringing it up 58% in the past four days despite a fluctuating overall market. LUNA is benefiting from the adoptions of UST. This past report covers LUNA and UST.
· Notable gainers and losers from the watchlist:
o KSM +7%
o OCEAN +20%
o MOVR -8%
o RNDR -8%
o ROSE -9%

Market Insight The market was primed for a bullish day until Fed Reserve Chair Powell announced the Fed will begin adopting policy changes to battle current inflation problems. The news pulled the struggling stock market down -1% and Bitcoin -1.70% in an hour.
The tapering could have large implications for stocks and crypto markets as both have benefited from a loose monetary policy. The current policies would have likely continued but inflation is becoming hard to ignore, reported to be at a 30 year high of 6.2% in October. This report covers the latest inflation numbers. Don’t expect any drastic tapering measures as the economy is still recovering from the COVID crisis but small policies changes will come. Growing concerns of new variants are contributing to sentiment the economy still has a long way to recover. These reports will continue to monitor the policy changes. Crypto is considered risk-assets because of their high volatility. Risk-assets historically suffer the worst during market selloffs and bear markets that may be triggered by monetary policy adjustments.

Major Market News · Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has clarified that some non-custodial entities won’t be subject to FATF crypto standards. This is an ongoing attempt to draw the lines for crypto law in the US.
· Bitcoin mining company Griid to list on the NYSE via a spac deal with a $3.3 billion valuation. Griid will focus on carbon-free mining.
· Lawmakers in South Korea have decided to delay crypto tax provisions by one year, meaning crypto gains will not be taxable until 2023 at the earliest.
· The stock market and crypto market have a large correction after Federal Reserve Chair Powell mentions that there will have to be policy changes to battle inflation. Powell has accepted inflation is not a “transitory” issue and eyes tapering, which means less money printing.
· Grayscale argues the SEC’s bitcoin ETF rejection could violate the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). This could spark entities putting greater pressure on the SEC to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF. The SEC recently rejected a VanEck spot ETF earlier this month. A spot price ETF will allow institutions to invest directly into Bitcoin via the stock market. Grayscale is attempting to transform their current BTC treasury into a spot ETF.
· In other Grayscale news, they have launched a SOL-backed trust allowing institutional investors to gain exposure to Solana (SOL). This is very bullish news for SOL.
· Avalanche has raised another $18.5M seed fund to help accelerate the growth of the ecosystem.
· Crypto.com (CRO) has teamed up with California State-Chartered Silvergate Bank to allow institutional investors access to withdraw and deposit USD into the crypto.com exchange. This is big news for CRO and may already be priced.

DOT Crowdloans: ASTAR NETWORK, the future of web 3.0 ASTAR NETWORK
Astar Network is the multi-chain Polkadot DApp Hub that supports Etheruem, WebAssembly, Dapp Staking and Layer-2 solutions. It additionally supports Defi and NFTs. It’s a chain focused on interoperability and primed for the future. Astar is posing to be the next Parachain winner which ends tomorrow.
The Now
Ethereum is where a majority of smart contract money and developers reside. To siphon some of these resources, interoperable chains must attract and incentivize these developers to build on their network. Being Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible means that Ethereum Developers can build on your chain or fork protocols that already exist. Aster and Moonbeam are the Polkadot chains that will support EVM. EVM compatibility blockchains can thrive in the current crypto environment by using already existing resources such as developers.
The Future
Polkadot (DOT) aims to facilitate innovation. Astar Network is set to be one of the major vehicles to accelerate this purpose. Being that Astar not only supports EVM and many other chains (the now), it also supports WebAssembly (WASM) a major tool in taking Website development into a new era. Astar will eventually support faster protocols, user friendly lay-outs and evermore interactive webpages. It will further support the innovation which will help lead Polkadot and crypto into web 3.0. This is the future web which will integrate all the utility of blockchain (privacy, data ownership, payments, NFTs, defi etc..) into a user-friendly web.
Astar has everything going for it as a protocol. Big funding, a lot of development, strong outlook and it will soon have a Parachain. The tokenomics are an engineering mystery but they appear to be self-balancing to reward all the players accordingly. This is one of the top projects on Polkadot and will play a huge role in the future of blockchain and internet integration. For these reasons I am personally investing into Astar Nework. Remember, always DYOR before investing into any project. Here is a link to ASTAR’s webpage.

Notable Events

NOOBIES: What is Web 3.0? pt.1 Web 3.0 is considered the next step in the internet’s evolution. It wouldn’t be fair to condense to a couple of paragraphs, so instead I’ll unfairly condense it to an outline. To understand web 3.0 you must understand web 1.0.
Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Now that we have a basic idea of what web 3.0 may look like, tomorrow we’ll dig a little deeper into the subject and learn about the web3 foundation and Dr. Gavin Wood.

I was traveling all morning so the report will be sent out a lot later than usual. Remember to keep an eye on the Parachain auctions, I still believe they are some of the best investments in crypto. And don’t forget to keep accumulating!

Thanks for reading. Have a goodnight fam!
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2021.12.01 03:59 Ok-Understanding7041 25$ IN DESO INSTANT (KYC TUTORIAL) NO DEPOSIT NEEDED

Here is the link: https://diamondapp.com?r=47V2MQbh
Join to bitclout and get 25$ instantly after registration and verify yourself and do tutorial. Thats all, u got 25$!
You can withdraw it instantly after that on ascendex.
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2021.12.01 03:59 dk_bby idek anymore💀 (Littlealiga)

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2021.12.01 03:59 sabify95 Sabi Axie Guild : 3 Slots are open for scholarship

I have 3 scholarship slots available. Please complete the form. I will choose you for a scholarship based on your profile. If you are not chosen, you will have the opportunity to be chosen for the next batch in 15 days.
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2021.12.01 03:59 omnisalsa 100000$ Raffle and free NFT if you have binance account

maybe you heard of this already, Binance is working together with Mobox now and there is a new Feature where you can login to Mobox directly on the Binance App.
It is absolutely free and you don't need to invest money!
How to participate:

  1. Login to your Binance account on your phone 2. In the Home Screen scroll down, the marketplace opens and then you go to the Mobox Games Tab. and enter the ID: 14415477
  2. Open the app, login with your binance account and get a free Avatar with free hash power.
  3. Go to the raffle tab, click on join now, the tickets tab
  4. You will get one raffle ticket and can win a share of
1,000,000 $
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2021.12.01 03:59 Smacpats111111 Ridiculously blatant speed trap as you cross state lines

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2021.12.01 03:59 ProgramAndOutdoors You guys like calicos in here? Little Lanie wants to join in

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2021.12.01 03:59 Big-Echidna-360 Help?! I made a mistake

First of all…please don’t judge. My parents didn’t teach me a lot of general life skills growing up and I had to learn a lot on my own.
So I am in college and it’s my first time living in an apartment. I have been flushing my clumps of hair from the shower down the toilet, thinking nothing of it. I didn’t realize it could cause problems, and I did it at least a dozen times within the past few weeks before I found out that can cause a huge problem if done consistently.
Well a couple weeks ago our toilet clogged. I didn’t think much of it because it came unclogged easily. But then today it got clogged again and it took a bit longer to unclog it. I feel terrible because the clogs have only happened when I’m not home and my roommates are forced to deal with it.
I’m worried that my careless actions might have caused permanent damage, and I’m wondering if it’s too late. Is there anything I can do to try and get any hair out of the toilet drain? Is it possible for the toilet to get clogged if the hair is deep down?
I’m really scared that I’ve fully broken our toilet and my landlord is going to charge us thousands to get the plumbing fixed.
Thanks :(
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2021.12.01 03:59 throwaway123i8 I [23M] think I no longer love my girlfriend [22F] because of her depression.

Posting to see whether I’m an asshole or valid. To skip over a lot of the meat, and summarize, I met this very funny, bright, energetic girl who I could make laugh 5+ years ago. Things were going great, but I moved out of the house for university and work, cutting down on our time together in-person. Things were still going well, but after covid hit and she graduated with her degree, she’s spiraled into this dark abyss of depression and mental health, and it’s become very tiring to me.
When I’m with her in person, I can get her enthused, but I don’t feel like I’m having any fun. We’ll enjoy activities together in person, dates, keep a romantic atmosphere, have a healthy sex life, but the moment I say I need to go home and sleep, she is basically instantly on the verge of tears and it makes me feel like shit. When I’m not with her in person, we’re pretty much always on a call together, but it’s very hard to hold any conversation. 90% of what comes out of her mouth are talks about how much she hates herself and hates her life, and the remaining 10% is a ghost of a real conversation that I can only find after trying 100 different topics, and this is also very tiring.
I’ve involved her in most of the games/hobbies I have, I’ve tried to integrate her into my friend groups so she can have more people to talk to, I’ve encouraged her to seek professional help, recommended self-help books, tried to start a meditation habit, tried to encourage a positive outlook, but she simply is unable to demonstrate some sort of emotional independence. It feels as if I am the singular reason she can ever even pretend to be happy anymore, and I’m tired of shouldering that when it comes as a sacrifice to my own time and things I like to do. Unless we’re doing the same exact thing together, conversations will die extremely quickly, I can’t get her to laugh, I can sense her mood drop quickly by the minute, and it breaks my heart to hear.
In the end, it’s changed my thoughts to these super negative “I’m not fit for her” type thing, as I’m unable to provide any large steps that she wants (marriage, or a way out of her house) considering I’m still struggling with my own living situation. If I hadn’t known her before, I’d have chalked it all up to possessive emotional manipulation, but I know for a fact it is just a genuine mental illness. I’d still encourage a break of some sort, but I’m genuinely afraid I’d wake up to a suicide note and lose her forever.
Is there anything I can do? As time goes forward, it feels more and more like I’m just performing upkeep and not actually enjoying any of my time with her, as simply being around that sort of depressed atmosphere is straining me.
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2021.12.01 03:59 maybemilk My school is accredited by accsc, not caahep. Does that matter ?

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2021.12.01 03:59 TryazX A quick bolt from the summer.

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2021.12.01 03:59 ALEXROY10000 Unprepared parent

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2021.12.01 03:59 parenthetical_phrase Really makes you ponder OC

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2021.12.01 03:59 crybaby17_51 [rant] unable to move on from the past

so for the past two months ive been rememebering the bad memories of primary school and have semi depression from it. context: i was from a prestigious primary school and god the people there were so fake with the culture being so competitive there. on the other hand, i went to a neighbourhood secondary school which was the best time of my life and now waiting for results for o levels.
for the past two months ive been telling myself to "ignore and move on" and to let my primary school friends do what they do while i live my own life after moving on. i have made improvement in my recovery only to be unable to move past an incident where i asked someone an innocent question and replied with a lame "f*** you".
so i ask you fellow redditors for some encouragement and advice on moving on from the past and hopefully i can recover from this phase of my life which is temporary. thanks for listening to my problem
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2021.12.01 03:59 Preslongfurby Looking to buy an airsoft revolver somewhere local to RVA

I have been looking for a cool airsoft revolver to use with my friend because he suggested airsoft as a hobby and I feel like airsoft revolvers are more casual than other airsoft guns.
Anyways thanks
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2021.12.01 03:59 Gav_Star [UK] L50 very active trainer needs **VERY ACTIVE level 42+** friends for BEST/Remote Raiding

Please do not send friend requests unless you are active and intend to attempt interaction DAILY.
I am very active and send gifts daily, I currently have about 20 spots for people that mostly OPEN, Feel free to send me remote raid invitations anytime, will accept if available. There is no need to co-ordinate opening as I will ensure you have gifts to open for ultra/best for you to open at your convenience(please don't wait too long). Ideally looking for people who want to work towards BEST friends, please don't add unless you are willing to go for that also.
Code - 3949 8009 4889
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2021.12.01 03:59 tltlx Looking for instagram account posing with player shirt

So I used to follow this girl on instagram who wear only player jersey like Kante, Hazard, Ibra and all the big players ... with sexy underwear. She is blonde, doesn't show face but has big butt and I think she's Dutch (or Swedish but not sure).
Does anyone here also follow her could give me instagram name?
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2021.12.01 03:59 infodirectory-b2b Bio Hazard Waste Bags - INFODIRECTORY B2B.

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2021.12.01 03:59 hide-user Ohms law presentation 1st semester I NEED HELP

I have a presentation on ohms law thought it would be piss easy ontil I started writing it up and realised oh shit there might not be enough to talk about I'm the minimum 5 minutes
Do you guys have any points that I could include in my presentation?
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2021.12.01 03:59 baljeetumang Different types of investors that seek investment advise

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2021.12.01 03:59 Fubarbarian Always loved the look of the Sundown Bronco, so I made a modern take livery for the 2021 Bronco. Share code 962 645 383.

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2021.12.01 03:59 FKDSRSPCT Hit legend in standard for the first time

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