starting again

2021.12.01 03:40 YHFTFOYF starting again

just making this as an accountability post for me. i hereby pledge to not smoke until at least January 1st, 2022. it’s been a long time coming and although i’ve tried to start t breaks before ive never made it past the first day. i know that if i can make it through one day i can keep going and i think i’ve been self sabotaging because i don’t really want to quit yet. but tonight i was lying in bed high trying to go to sleep as i usually do and i realized that i don’t want to smoke anymore. it just makes me feel guilty and my brain fog is getting bad, and i get headaches when i get too high. i wake up in the morning wanting to smoke and try to smoke as soon as i can. i know it’s going to suck for the first couple days but i know i can get through it. i am stronger than my cravings and i want to quit. if nothing else, i will make it through Dec 1 without smoking to prove to myself i can.
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2021.12.01 03:40 showusurtitz View from my backyard with my penis cactus

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2021.12.01 03:40 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/australia - Australia (+775 subscribers today; 151% trend score)

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2021.12.01 03:40 martstins Does anyone know how to answer this?

Does anyone know how to answer this? Mr. Aa thinks that his wife, Mrs. Bb had cheated on him. Mr. Aa thinks that their two sons are not his own. They look so different from him. They act so different from him. He secretly took some DNA samples from his wife and two sons and sent them to the crime lab for paternity testing. he result of the short tandem repeat (STR) gel electrophoresis (Fig. 1) is shown below. What are your conclusions from the results shown? Explain how you arrived at your conclusions.
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2021.12.01 03:40 lowzycat Is there a Way to Change Controls on Console?

I really dislike using the given buttons, especially the attack buttons (x and y on Xbox). Is there any way to change this?
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2021.12.01 03:40 _Dead_Man_ Join the 1st Mountain Battalion Today! Pm me if interested.

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2021.12.01 03:40 FlexFit00 Order Problems

I ordered the Oura Ring Gen-2 on oct 10, 2021 and in the meantime the Gen-3 was realeased.
And i get a free upgrade to Gen-3, but they never send me the Gen-2 Ring. I only get the Size-kit from the Gen-2. So i test the size and decide for one. I visit the webside and choose the size for the Gen-3 ring. Now i get e-mails and they say i have to send the Gen-2 ring back to get the Gen-3 ring. But i have no Gen-2 ring!!
I wrote a couple of e-mails about this and i get no answer!!!!! Only automatic e-mail replies. What's wrong with the support? Now the order status is "pending fulfillment". What's the next step to get my ring?
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2021.12.01 03:40 DustyMartin04 What are some of the most profitable crafts for Workbench/Lavatory/Nutrition Unit/Medstation?

Only gotten into crafting today and am wondering what is a good choice to craft for profit.
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2021.12.01 03:40 adhd_sandwich Oh no! Our table! It's broken!

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2021.12.01 03:40 darksyst Cross play ranked

Xbox users stop complaining. Pc users don’t have auto-aim. Switch ranked mode if you’re that upset.
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2021.12.01 03:40 AdamaOfCylon Cylon Heavy Raider by Majestic-MSFC on DeviantArt

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2021.12.01 03:40 GammaPiOmega Newsflash: (Nearly) Every single champion gets countered by hard CC.

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2021.12.01 03:40 leepd2 Australians in WA TAS Are meetings back on?

(Or any other Australian States?)
Can someone, who knows for sure, please let me know if: A. Are meetings back on? B. Can you only attend if vaccinated?
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2021.12.01 03:40 superpandaaa Close to finish ! Just waiting for my new rug shearers to give it a nice even coat :) . What do you think?

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2021.12.01 03:40 Melonsareprettycool Really worried about my hammy?

I’m a first time hamster owner and have had my male Syrian for almost 3 months now. I can’t say for sure how old he is as I got him at a pet store.
For starters just to answer the general questions, his cage and wheel is all big enough, lots of toys lots of things to chew on, place to burrow. Fresh water all the time and veggies and fruit every now and then, about a tablespoon and half of food everyday.
Up until about a week ago, he was a happy little guy, loved being pet and running around, loved his wheel, used to greet me when I came in the room, loved coming out to play in his play pen. Loved eating treats out of my hands.
Then just this past week he made a new burrow and won’t come out of it, he comes out maybe 20 minutes a day to eat and drink then goes back to his burrow and won’t come out till the next day. He won’t use his wheel, won’t use his toys or chews. He still takes food from my hand but won’t eat it infront of me anymore he just pouches it and runs away.
My sleep schedule is very flipped so I’m up around 5pm - 7am and only see him once every evening. My parents say they don’t see him during the day either. He’s extremely skiddish and won’t let me pet him anymore, he runs around like he’s scared when he goes to get food. If I’m able to get him in the playpen he will walk around for maybe a minute before trying to bite his way out. Normally he could spend hours in his play pen, Then I’ll put him back in his cage and he’ll go back to his burrow. I’m really worried and I don’t know what to do to help him, could he be sick? Is he hurt? I just wanna help him the best I can, any advice is much appreciated.
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2021.12.01 03:40 getkaizer New Hunter Pro Alox too tight

Good day to you
My new Hunter Pro Alox (red), new Design (no thumb hole) is a bit too tight to open and close. Further, the lock feels too tight.
Could I do anything about this at home?
Thanks for your inputs.
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2021.12.01 03:40 rico6545 Just found out slayer IS in infinite ranked rotation

Played every day since launch and today I got my first ranked slayer match. What the actual fuck.
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2021.12.01 03:40 pladelta random akasya durağı shitz. önceden de dediğim gibi telefondan yaptığım için dizaynları kötü oluyor kusura bakmayın 🥺🥺

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2021.12.01 03:40 Gamerisme123469 This is a bad way to end an Episode,lol!

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2021.12.01 03:40 heinaga1989 How to get started investing in Terra Luna?

Terra Luna seems phenomenal with 20% APY for UST and LUNA growing in value (right now).
Any advice for how to get started investing in this ecosystem?

  1. What’s the best on-ramp to get UST 20% from fiat or btc / eth without paying a lot in fees?
  2. If I want to get on this ecosystem how do I think about whether I should own ust or Luna or both?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.01 03:40 cruiserthebruiser JBL Partybox 310 static sound

I recently purchased a JBL Partybox 310 a week ago and have noticed that there is a static/hissing sound when there no music playing. I can also hear it when playing low volume music.
The static sound comes from the top of the speaker but not the bottom.
Anyone know if this is normal or is it defective?
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2021.12.01 03:40 SnackSize_ Coyote that nearly drowns at SF's Marina Green released following rescue

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2021.12.01 03:40 Jojojojo5555 I had bad physical and mental illnesses when I first went to college. Floated around for 5 years and dropped out. Reapplied and changed my major and graduated with a 3.8. Is grad school at “good” universities out of the question?

When I was an 18 year old mild, I went to college and didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I had untreated bipolar, panic disorder, GAD and ADHD. I developed Chrons disease a year or two into college and that was pretty rough. I dropped a ton of classes. One semester I stupidly just stopped going to class and finished with a couple of F’s.
I dropped out, got treated for basically everything and reapplied to my states flagship public university (LSU). My transfer gpa was rough (like 2.8).
I did much better in my new major (comp science) and graduated with a 3.8. Is there any grad school that would want me? I’d really love to go to Notre Dame (Catholic), but I doubt they’d accept me. I should mention that during my off time , I was able to do quite well with writing stoxk option contracts, so tuition won’t be a factor.
I appreciate the help and I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I know nothing about grad school and this (school related stuff) gives me pretty bad anxiety so I try not to research it too much.
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2021.12.01 03:40 Why_Through Through an Unholy combination of a complete disregard for probability, gratuitous use of magic, magic items and artifacts, and the destruction of a god I have managed to create a character with 6360 Effective HP

As far as I am aware this abomination follows RAW but I may very well have missed something and apologies in advance for any formatting issues as I am on mobile. Construction of the Tankiest of Tanks goes as follows: (TL:DR at the bottom)
Permanent Absolute Maximum HP: 560
20 Levels of perfectly rolled Totem Barbarian of Hit Dice: 240 Constitution of 30 Using Manuals of Health: +200 Dwarven Toughness from being a mountain dwarf: +20 The Tough Feat: +40 An Epic Boon of Fortitude: + 40 The Beserker Axe magic weapon: +20
Temporary Absolute Maximum HP, Stage 1: 1,250
“10th level” aid spell cast by an at least 17th level cleric with a Book of Exalted Deeds (DMG: “Enlightened Magic. Once you’ve read and studied the book, any spell slot you expend to cast a cleric or paladin spell counts as a spell slot of one level higher.”) +45
A perfectly rolled Heroes Feast: +20 Potion of Giant Size: x2
Temporary Absolute Maximum HP, Stage II: 3,180
The Aspect of Bahamut from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons has a potential maximum of 600 HP with perfectly rolled Hit Dice With yet another Manual of Health we can bring their Constitution from 29 to 30 for an additional 300 HP Another “level 10” aid spell for another 45 HP A perfectly rolled Heroes Feast for +20 HP more Bahamut then Shapechanges into their Humanoid form which has a size of Medium thus allowing them to drink a Potion of Giant Size for x2 HP bringing Bahamut to 1,930 HP Now our Abomination of a Barbarian finds and Attunes Blackrazor which they then use to slay Bahamut and use the Devour Soul feature of Blackrazor (When it devours a soul, Blackrazor grants you temporary hit points equal to the slain's creature's hit point maximum.): +1,390 temporary HP
Temporary Absolute Maximum Effective HP: 6,360 Our now incredibly over-magicked Barbarian attunes their 3rd and final magic item, a Ring of Psychic Resistance The Barbarian then rages and because of their Bear Totem subclass-feature and the Ring, they have resistance to all forms of damage giving them an Effective HP of x2 their current HP for a total 6360 Effective HP
TL:DR; a mountain dwarf bear totem Barbarian with a combination of feats boons, spells, and magic items has a very high amount of HP, they then use a special feature of an artifact weapon on a buffed Bahumat to gain even more HP and the rage effectively doubling that HP
Also many thanks to the rpg stack exchange users who answered What is the highest points that one character can have? and What is the greatest amount of temporary hit points you can have at once? for the inspiration
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2021.12.01 03:40 Bomjus1 Mangonel AoE testing vs archer blob results.

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