My first animation

2022.01.28 13:01 rubiks_me_ My first animation

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2022.01.28 13:01 Il_terrapiattista Sono uguali

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2022.01.28 13:01 SilverSprinkles9704 Carrier or Clerk?

Currently a CCA, just over a year in. I enjoy the job, but don't love it. I'm second guessing myself, now that the winter weather has come. Thinking about switching to a clerk position. One that does not deal with customers directly, but more of one that focuses on throwing packages, etc. Looking for a little advice on Carrier versus clerk, both short-term and long-term.
Please and thank you.
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2022.01.28 13:01 Kryspyr Ranked Matchmaking isn't actually THAT busted: Change my mind

Please read this entire post before downvoting me and telling me how stupid I am.
I am currently grinding rank and just like everyone else I couldn't wrap my brain around how the hell ranked MM worked. Why on earth would I match with an onyx player when I'm high platinum, and then have games where I'm teamed up with a couple unranked players, and a bronze player.
But the truth is the system is constantly testing you, to determine where to place you. You might be a low plat player at the moment, but your performance actually suggests you're a low onyx player. So you might match up with a couple onyx players from time to time.
You might lose a bunch of CSR for a loss, but that's because the system expected you go positive and carry a bunch of lower ranked players. At the same time, you gain very little for stomping on lower ranked players, because the system expected you to do so. Basically, the better you do against better players, the better your rank will be. This makes sense to me. I want to play against better people so I get better. I don't want to be onyx because I stepped on a bunch of players of a lower skill level.
It might seem like you're constantly getting shit teammates and getting punished for it, but what's really happening is the system is monitoring your performance against the other team. Its evaluating your skill level against players of highelower rank, and slowly over time adjusting your rank based off of that. You're going to lose if you have bad teammates, that's inevitable, but the system cares about how you lose. This is why it's paramount to disregard any concern about winning or losing, and only focus on getting better.
Now, click bait-ish title out of the way, there are some obvious major flaws with MM. If your teammate quits, you should absolutely not be punished for it. If it's 3v4 against high ranked players, you're going to get rolled. The system sees that as you essentially throwing the game, and you can lose a ton of CSR.
How the system determines your skill level is also up for question. I don't think social game modes should have any influence on your rank, and vice versa. Most people like to hop into Quick Play to get away from the sweat or complete challenges, but this isn't possible because your rank is also being tested in the social modes. The two areas are completely different playstyles. I think instead your placement matches should be all over the place so that the system can determine your skill level based solely off your ranked arena performance.
So, all in all with the right necessary tweaks, I think ranked would actually be a good test of skill level, but you're welcome to change my mind.
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2022.01.28 13:01 gink5125 Can science be gatekept?

This may be the wrong sub, ill appreciate it if someone can direct me to the right one.
Anyways, I am doing a postgrad conversion, and my AI lecturer is an anti-vaxxer, Jokingly I told my brother who is a software engineer that comp sci need to stay in their lane, this is after he told me a lot of people he works with have conservative/conspiracy views(climate change isn't real etc).
He mistook the joke and said that was gatekeeping, I explained it was a joke, but afterwards, I was thinking shouldn't science be gatekept by specialists with lots of credentials?
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2022.01.28 13:01 Bot-alex Government backs bill to promote use of British Sign Language

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2022.01.28 13:01 heymrprincess heya! my band put out a new song. give it a listen!

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2022.01.28 13:01 shootingbot Brownells: Accurate Powder Accurate 4064 Powders

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2022.01.28 13:01 arais_demlant Help someone stand up

I can't seem to find this anywhere, does anyone know if it would be considered a standard action to help someone else stand up from prone? Is there a minimum requirement or anything that has to be met?
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2022.01.28 13:01 Professional_Ring_95 08 Mini Cooper non turbo JCW?

I believe I’m right in saying you cannot get a 1.6 Mini Cooper (this isn’t a Mini Cooper S), non turbo, John Cooper Works Mini R56. Is this correct?
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2022.01.28 13:01 FlirtatiousBard Bored? Come, let me write you a poem!

Nice to meet you!
I'm a guy, 24 and I sometimes write poems. If you'd like me to write you your very own poem, about absolutely anything you want, send me a chat/DM!
I also love music, running and horror movies.
So if you'd like someone to talk to today, or are feeling curious about getting a poem written about you, I'm your guy :)
Please be 18+, and have a great day!
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2022.01.28 13:01 AuthenticException 28 Jan 2022 #2

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2022.01.28 13:01 taco_2sdays What's a relatively inexpensive item that you think everyone should have?

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2022.01.28 13:01 Apart-Invite1536 Sif salah on 7 or 87 jota at striker in 41212(2)

View Poll
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2022.01.28 13:01 Bot-alex Storm Malik: Winds up to 80mph could hit parts of UK

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2022.01.28 13:01 Nora_Project Que es lo que las mujeres quieren?

No se si esto puede ayudar a alguien, pero es la idea. Ojala peguen onda entre ustedes y se de alguna pareja rediturra.
Veo muchos comentarios y post en distintos medios preguntando "Que es lo que las mujeres buscan en un hombre?" Y de eso va esto.
Se que las mujeres somos minoria en esta plataforma o quizas estan, pero no participan activamente.
La idea es postear 4 o 5 cosas (no menos) caracteristicas que desearian en su pareja ideal. Es decir, aunque delirante, si tuviesen acceso a un djinn, que pedirian en ese orden?
Arranco porque OP:
*Que le gusten los perros
*Que disfrute andar en bici
*Fuerte (Fisica o emocionalmente - aca entraria tambien "asertivo")
*Con auto
*Educado (No necesariamente formal, pero si conocimiento general)
Esto fue mas para romper el hielo que otra cosa. No estoy buscando nada, sino saber que es lo que las mujeres desearian en un hombre y si hay congruencias entre los comentarios o algun muchacho boyando buscando info, sentirme util habiendo ayudado cual celestina o mera proveedora del espacio.
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2022.01.28 13:01 chihaoto [FOR HIRE] I do digital art. Send me a PM if you're interested

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2022.01.28 13:01 techster2014 Allen-Bradley 1756 Assembly information

I'm trying to use Allen-Bradley 1756 I/O with a different brand controller (Honeywell). Honeywell supports 1734/1738 I/O natively, so I have to believe 1756 is possible. Inside the Honeywell software, I can build generic Ethernet IP adapters (ENBT, EN2T, etc) and generic I/O modules. It allows me to import the EDS files, but they don't contain the configuration, input, and output assembly information, such as instance number and size.
Does anyone have the assembly information? Has anyone made 1756 I/O work with a Honeywell C300 or UOC? Thanks for any help!
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2022.01.28 13:01 Accomplished_Ad_8854 Any parking spots in Westwood area?

Tired of parking tickets :(
Anyone know if there are any spots (preferably single spots) available in the westwood apartment area? Thanks!
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2022.01.28 13:01 jojokakaface Melt VS freeze.

Decided to get ganyu this time around, since I got a amos r3 laying around. After testing some setups and team types. I'm wondering why anyone would play freeze comp at all. The typical ganyu, xianling, diona/zhingli, and Bennett melt team destroys Morgana in damage. Like 3 or 4 times more in some situations. Also general melt teams aren't actually hard to play either. Usually just drop gouba and you got 2 or 3 good melts. If you want to go hard, then burst.
So all the long time ganyu players, are you guys dropping freeze now? Playing around in abyss, the damage difference and clear speeds are just night and day. If not, what are you doing to boost your freeze team damage?
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2022.01.28 13:01 IntrepidCase GAME CHANGER!!! Found out about these way later in life than I should have T.T

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2022.01.28 13:01 StixSt6x Flow like lightning, Strike like thunder. Guardian this is the Arcstrider

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2022.01.28 13:01 Zealousideal-Fail-55 What should I expect from coding interview of Fortune 100 companies?

Apparently my ancestors really did something great and I have been given a chance to be interviewed for a certain fortune 100 company. I attended the first round today, and questions were basically regarding RxJs, ES6, TypeScript, React and Angular. I was able to answer most of it and finally there was a small basic coding test ( Now whats next is two coding interviews. I have no idea what to expect from these interviews and I have never once attended a "Coding Interview" (other than interviews of type similar to the one I described earlier). So, What should I expect from a "Coding Interview"? DSA? Small projects like querying API or sockets? or something else? I'm planning to email HR about the nature of the test tonight so any advice on framing such an email is also much appreciated.
Also, I really want to crack this interview so that I can shit on my relatives for treating me as a failure.
Thanks for reading!, Thanks for your input.
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2022.01.28 13:01 Cysioland Bądźcie grzeczni bo wam Putin zrobi komunizm

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2022.01.28 13:01 Many_Department3366 Levi started the "Mong Wank"

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