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To all the chronic FAFfers out there:

2022.01.28 13:20 Grievous_Nix To all the chronic FAFfers out there:

To all the chronic FAFfers out there:
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2022.01.28 13:20 RayIverson03 The Juggernaut Awakens! (Call of Duty Vanguard Champion Hill Gameplay)

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2022.01.28 13:20 54321btw Car insurance paid body shop for wind damage, car was totaled before work was done. Do I have any claim to that wind damage repair money?

I filed a claim for minor exterior damage on car (that I own) caused by wind/broken branches. My car insurance told me they could pay the shop directly or pay me directly and I could either choose the shop at a later date or not get the damage fixed at all. I chose a shop and had them pay the shop directly (because I planned to get the work done, the shop was backed up three months and I felt it would be easier than keeping the money myself in the meantime). It was about $3k.
Unfortunately, about 2 weeks later, I was hit by someone running a red light and my car was totaled.
The body shop tore up the check and notified my insurance company.
I'm kicking myself for not having them give me the money directly... Am I at all entitled to that money or no? I don't want to commit insurance fraud or anything but also could really use the extra cash to put towards a new car with the auto market being so hard right now...
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2022.01.28 13:20 WilderCburn6 Updates never auto download

Can anyone tell me why tf my Apex updates never auto download on my PS4? All my other games are auto added to my queue and download. But with Apex I have to launch the game and only then is it added and begins downloading. It's frigging infuriating because I have an infant and work long days and generally only have like 45min before bed to get a game or two in and I get so sad when I end up not being able to play cause an update has to run. My PS is on sleep mode and my settings work for all my other games so I know it's only Apex that's the issue. Anyone else? Helpful things to try to resolve it?
Please help. Tired working mum who just wants to potato for a half hour.
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2022.01.28 13:20 Confussledabit Passenger: Part 4

Hello again. Thank you again for reading and as always, feedback is appreciated.

Donovan led the woman through the streets of Old Philadelphia. The roads were packed with rusted out cars, all bumper-to-bumper with each other. Some had skeletons inside, others were eerily empty. Buildings towered above her, covered in vines and broken glass. Occasionally, she would hear them creek or a piece of metal crash to the floor. The city was falling to pieces around her. The woman felt a shiver creep up her spine as she passed.
“What happened here?” she whispered.
“The Collapse.” Ghost said, somberly. “Long ago, Humanity encountered the Traveler, this massive ship from beyond the stars. It granted them wonders beyond imagination. Technology, philsosophy, medicine, culture, everything flourished. You grew beyond your planet and settled the whole solar system; some even began to plan for expeditions beyond! The Traveler would terraform worlds and colonies would pop up in its wake; from Mercury to Charon, and everywhere in between.”
The group passed through a ruined building. It had fallen into the street, the floor beneath them once the wall.
“But then the Fallen showed up?” the woman asked.
Donovan scoffed. “Those pirates? Please, they can’t get past my walls, let alone destroy a species.”
“The Darkness arrived. The Travelers' ancient enemy.” Ghost continued. “Nobody really knows what happened during the Collapse. Legends say humanity discharged all its weapons, leaving scars upon the Earth, and it did nothing. The Traveler fought across the system, ultimately winding up back on Earth. It was able to drive the Darkness away, but not before it was crippled.” He looked at the destroyed city around him. “Not before everything was gone. But in its last gasp, the Traveler created us. The Ghosts. And well, here we are.”
“Speaking of ‘here we are’, we’ve arrived.” Donovan gestured before him. “Welcome to Fort Penn.”
A massive stone wall stood before them. The woman could barely make out a few towers peeking from inside. Some parts of the wall had been replaced with metal or broken cars, but most of it was made of ancient rock. “Can you believe this place was just lying around in the heart of the city? We think it was an old prison.” Donovan chuckled. “Not to give you the wrong idea; this isn’t a prison anymore. Just happened to be the best spot to defend.”
He strode up to the gate. “WILL!! OPEN UP!” he shouted.
A figure appeared on the wall above them. “What's the password?”
“Alright alright, I’m just ribbing ya. One sec.”
The gate sooned shuddered open. Donovan walked inside, confidently, the woman right behind. People stared from windows at the new arrival. She heard them whispering.
“Is that another Risen?”
“Where did he find her?”
“Think she can fight?”
“The Ghost wouldn’t have picked her if she couldn’t.”
“She looks scrawny.”
“I’ll introduce you to everyone later. Right now, I’m gonna get you a room and let you get settled in.” Donovan reassured. The woman did have to agree, a quiet space did sound reaaaaaaally appealing. As they walked, they passed through long corridors. For being an old prison, the residents seemed to make the best of it. Cells had been retrofitted into living spaces. Laundry was draped across the catwalks, catching the sunlight and almost filling the walls with color. Other wings had been converted into farms, solar collectors, and storage spaces. Ghost kept zipping around, taking the sights in.
“This place is amazing!” he exclaimed.
The woman agreed. For how desolate the world outside the walls looked, this place was practically paradise.
Finally, they reached a room at the end of the block. Donovan stood aside and ushered the woman in. There really wasn’t much to speak of: just a dusty mattress, a toilet, and a mirror.
“I know it ain’t much, but you should have plenty of privacy. Nobody really comes back here.” Donovan smiled.
“Why?” Ghost asked.
The man rubbed the back of his neck and let out a nervous laugh. “Heh heh. Well. This…..kindausedtobedeathrow.”
The woman raised an eyebrow at him. “You really aren't doing a good job at not freaking me out.”
Donovan shrugged. “It’s temporary? I’ll get you something more permanent later.” He waved between the Risen and Ghost. “But that can wait. For now, rest and get to know each other. Dinner should be in a few hours. Come see me then, or feel free to wander around the fort. I’ll see you later.” With that, the man turned and walked back to his people.
For the first time since she was resurrected, the woman had time to breathe. She sat on the mattress, sneezing at the dust that was kicked up. Ghost hovered in front of her, blinking.
“So.” he said.
“So.” the woman repeated.
Silence hung between them. Dust particles danced in the sunlight, the sound of people echoed in the distance. After a while, the Lightbearer spoke.
“Ghost. Is that, like, your name or something?”
Ghost shook. “That's what I am. There are many Ghosts.”
“How many?”
“I don’t have an exact headcount, just that there's a lot of us.”
The woman looked out the window, then back to the Ghost. “What should I call you then?”
Ghost tilted his shell. “What do you mean?”
“Do you have a name?”
“No one ever gave me one. Usually it's the Risen who names the Ghost.”
“No pressure then, right?” She cocked her head as she thought about a name. Her brain suddenly threw one out.
“Tallo.” she said definitively.
The Ghost lowered his gaze in thought. “Hmmmm.” The woman wrung her hands together. Did he like it? Tallo looked back up. “I like it! Where’d you come up with the name?”
The woman breathed a sigh of relief. “I don’t know. It sorta just…appeared?” She leaned back on the bed. “Now I just gotta name myself.”
The sun had set low enough that a beam of light entered the room, catching something shiny on the woman's waist. Tallo noticed it, nudged her shoulder and gestured to it. She reached down and found an ID clipped there. Carefully, she removed it and held it in her hands. A woman's face smiled back at her. She stood up quickly and ran to the mirror. Sure enough, that same face looked back. Ginger hair to her shoulders, some freckles dusted on her cheeks, greenish-blue eyes. She gazed again at the name next to the picture. Her picture. Her name.
Ashley McGrath.
“Check it out.” she called. Tallo flew over and looked at the ID.
“Well, lucky you!” he exclaimed. “Got a name already. Course you don’t have to use it.”
She thought for a long while. “No. I think I’ll keep it.” Ashley reattached the ID to her belt. “Plus, I can’t come up with any other good names.” Tallo laughed and Ashley smiled. Slowly, the pair warmed up to each other. Donovan wound up just bringing dinner to them, smiling at the bond forming before him.
The sun sank below the horizon and the stars appeared. Somewhere in the fort, a firepit was lit and songs were sung. Ashley listened to the echoes from her bed. She realized that these were the people she was supposed to protect. Was she really up to it? Was she really the right choice? She sat up and looked at Tallo, who was hovering by the window.
“Why’d you pick me?”
Tallo turned around and looked at her gently. “I just knew you were the right choice.”
A candle flickered in his reflection. She rolled her eyes jokingly. “That’s it?”
“Yep. It's kinda weird, but I just felt this force pulling me towards you.”
“Did you feel that all the time?”
“Not until I found the museum. Until then, I’d just float around, scanning bodies and hoping one of them would be you.”
She laid back down again, staring at the ceiling.
“How long had you been looking?”
Tallo was silent for a bit. “A century at least, probably longer. I just kept criss-crossing the globe.” he laughed quietly to himself. “I was actually debating just pointing myself skyward and flying to another planet.”
“Well, I’m glad you didn’t.” she rolled over staring at the ID. “I just hope you made the right choice.”
Tallo flew over and nestled himself by his Risen. “I know I did.”
Ashley was silent for a long time. Tallo noticed she was staring at the ID with a look of guilt. “You ok?”
“She worked at that museum.” she whispered. Sure enough, it read Staff. Philadelphia Museum of Art. “She worked at that museum and I broke an artifact.”
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